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man sitting on rock overlooking a valley
By Laurel Kallenbach
Life-visioning retreats can free you from your routine, spark new revelations about how you really want to live and equip you with a plan to get there.
eduardo xol
By Jamie Martin
On Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - and in his life - designer Eduardo Xol creates spaces that appeal to the senses, and to his own notion of what living well is really about.
Desert sunset
By Sarah Tuff
Feeling frozen out of your favorite outdoor activities? A warm-weather paddling, climbing or cycling getaway and a change of scenery may help you beat the winter blahs.
basking in water
By Bob Cooper
The hot-spring spas in these three towns offer a restorative reprieve after fun-filled days of adventure.
By Laurel Kallenbach
Discover the pleasures of farm life—and get insight into an important part of our food supply—on an agritourism adventure.
man with bike
By Sarah Tuff
The annual ride across Iowa offers an exhilarating test of fitness and a large dose of Midwestern hospitality.
warrior 3 on rocks
By Laurel Kallenbach
Blend mind-body practices with adrenaline-pumping sports, and you get a hybrid adventure that challenges you and keeps you grounded.
By Sarah Tuff
Whether you want to learn the ropes or just feel the wind in your hair, sailing is an exhilarating - and affordable - getaway for the whole family.
By Laurel Kallenbach
Threatened native habitats offer an opportunity for service amid some of the country’s most stunning landscapes.
By Laurel Kallenbach
The demands of travel can prove perilous, undermining both good intentions and well-established routines. Here’s how you can fight back and win — even when you’re moving at supersonic speeds.
By Debra Bokur
If you've ever dreamed of eating your way around the world, a cooking trip abroad can be a multilevel adventure, introducing you to new foods, as well as the customs and values of a foreign culture.
By Debra Bokur
Take a culinary vacation to learn about healthier, more creative ways to cook - and discover the culture, history and geography behind what you eat.
man with husky
By Kelle Walsh
Escape with your dog to snowy climes this winter and discover the fast-paced and exhilarating sport of skijoring.
sky divers
By Kermit Pattison
Dude-only vacations can bring guys closer and yield benefits far beyond simple camaraderie.
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
Adventurer Will Gadd scales rocks and kayaks choppy waters to deepen his connection with nature – and to spread the message that outdoor spaces are worth saving.
man and woman covered in mud
By Jack Armstrong
Can you make a fire without matches? Build a shelter with no tools? Track a small animal across a forest? At today's wilderness and survival schools, these skills aren't lost arts. They're tomorrow's lesson plans.
By Teri Cettina
No longer content to simply watch, more and more Americans are traveling to the Tour de France to ride.
By Kelle Walsh
Bring your athletic skills to the next level. Take your body and mind on a learning adventure. Attention campers: Your fitness-immersion experience is about to begin.
By Kelle Walsh
America's waterways inspire adventure and devotion.
Girl watching bird on Galapagos island
By Laurel Kallenbach
Outdoor excursions restore and rejuvenate your body, but if you travel with the environment in mind, your vacation can also help restore some of the world's most pristine wilderness.
By Andi McDaniel
An extended break from work can improve your health, happiness - even your career performance. And it can be done.
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