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person at desk
By Catherine Guthrie
The worry, distraction and shame associated with debt can take an emotional and physical toll on our health. Here’s a look at the confounding factors that make debt such an oppressive source of stress, and some tips on how you can break free.
mar09 coverage
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
Personal experience led finance guru Jean Chatzky to discover the deep link between financial security and a healthy, happy life. Now she’s helping the rest of us make the connection.
By Erin Peterson
When the economy takes a hit, we’re prone to making panicked decisions about money. Here are four common money mistakes people make in lean times — and how to avoid them.
By Joseph Hart
Whether we’re yearning for another cup of coffee or a better job, we spend a lot of time and energy just wanting. Here’s how to observe - and calm - the endless tide of want that can catch us in its undertow.
Skillful Life
By Pilar Gerasimo
When it comes to enjoying a healthy, happy life, good intentions will get you just so far. You also need practical skills in a variety of areas — from health and fitness to relationships and finance. Here’s an action plan for assessing and building the skill sets that matter most to you right now.
husband and wife
By Courtney Helgoe
Determined to take charge of your finances this year? Having trouble sticking to a budget — or balancing your checkbook? Try Conscious Bookkeeping.
By Alyssa Ford
Emotion-induced shopping may seem harmless, but letting your feelings take over your wallet could end up costing you more than money.
By Elizabeth Larsen
Ever worry that your investments in certain stocks and mutual funds aren't meshing with your personal values? Socially Responsible Investing offers an alternative -- and surprisingly good returns.
By Erin Peterson
More than a decade ago, authors Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez helped launch the voluntary-simplicity movement with their ideas for living more richly — by spending less. Today, for many, that penny-wise approach seems smarter than ever.
a man shops online from his couch
By Jeremy Hunter
It's an epidemic that's sweeping the nation and infecting millions of American consumers with an insatiable desire for more. Have you got the bug?
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