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If your idea of summer fun is hanging out at an outdoor pool, the Life Time Beach Club is the ultimate sunny-weather destination. Whether you’re swimming laps or relaxing poolside, packing a few must-haves in your pool bag can make all the difference in your experience.

To make sure you don’t forget any of the essentials, we asked four Life Time team members to share the items they always make sure to pack in their pool bag.

Kristina Fielder, hairstylist at LifeSpa in Miami, Fla.

Hair and Scalp Sunscreen

The skin on your scalp can be sensitive and prone to sunburn, and if you have colored hair, it’s best to protect it from the elements. I like to keep Coola Scalp and Hair Sunscreen Mist (which you can find at LifeSpa) in my pool bag to protect both my hair and scalp. It has SPF 30 and an amazing salt and sage fragrance.

Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

If you have blonde hair, it’s especially important to take care of your color around chlorine in pools or salt water at a beach. Oribe Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner is a must-have for me to wash with after a day at the Beach Club. It cleans and hydrates my hair and helps avoid the brassiness or discoloring that can happen if my blonde strands are exposed to pool (or salt) water.

SPF Face Powder

There’s nothing better than a multitasking makeup-skincare product. I love keeping the iS Clinical PerfecTint Powder in my bag because it has SPF 40 and offers enough coverage to make my skin look even and polished after a day at the pool.

Danica Osborn, group fitness instructor and coach at Life Time in Warrenville, Ill.

Life Time Trucker Hat

Pool hair, don’t care — if I’ve got my hat on! I love the sun coverage I get when wearing a trucker hat, and the LT Shop carries a handful of colors so I can even coordinate my hat with my swimsuits.


Hydrate from Life Time is an electrolyte supplement that’s easy to mix in with my water, and I love both of the refreshing fruity flavors — blood orange and peach mango. If I’m sweating in the poolside heat, it’s important to stay hydrated and replenish my electrolytes.

Goodr Sunglasses

My one and only complaint about these sunglasses is that my family members are always swiping them from me! Our whole family loves the bright colors, reflective lenses, and how they actually stay put on our face. Bring on the sunshine because we’re covered.

Sun Bum SPF Products

Protecting my skin and lips in the sun is important, so you’ll always catch me putting on sunscreen — and never forgetting easy-to-miss places like the back of my ears!​ I’m careful to keep my Sun Bum lip balm on me, too, to protect my lips. Their products moisturize and protect without leaving me feeling greasy.

Sophie Hertz, esthetician at LifeSpa in Colorado Springs, Colo.


Protecting your skin from the sun is crucial. My favorite year-round sun protection is iS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50+. It has a water-resistant formula so it’s great for spending time by the pool.

Curl Cream

I have really curly hair, so I always have my Kérastase Curl Manifesto with me. It gives my curls enough hydration and shine without weighing me down. It’s great to use before and after a swim and can help add hydration after being in the sun.

Body Moisturizer

After a day in the sun, I love to rehydrate my skin using Zents Mandarin Lotion and Zents Sun Body Oil in Sun. Together, they smell like a creamsicle — a perfect summer scent!

Kenny Ferrer, class experience lead at Life Time in New York, N.Y.

Life Time Ice Shaker with Straw Lid

My No. 1 must-have by the pool is the Life Time Ice Shaker. When we’re caught up in summer fun, it’s easy to lose sight of how quickly we can become dehydrated. Simply having my shaker with me reminds me to stay on top of drinking more fluids. If I’m laying out at the Beach Club reading, I might set a goal to finish one full bottle every hour and set a reminder in my phone to help me stay accountable.

The bottle has a wide rim and is made of stainless steel, so it keeps drinks cool and is easy to clean — I can rotate between our cherry limeade Amino Recovery, Hydrate, and water without too much hassle. Shake, sip, and repeat!

Beach Pillow

Another one of my must-haves is the Ballast Beach Pillow. It’s inflatable, easily packable, and comes with straps to help hold it in place. It also has slots for gel ice packs to keep me cool on extra hot days.

Gratitude Journal

Being out in the sun sets the stage for a productive journaling practice. Experiencing direct sunlight has been shown to increase serotonin, one of our body’s mood-boosting hormones, which can create a great opportunity to make the most of a gratitude journaling practice.

A Healthy, Refreshing Treat

Gelatin shots are a summer party classic, but I like to make my own healthy version using Life Time’s tropical breeze Pre-Workout, plain gelatin, and a little bit of lemon juice for tartness. When I have these, I can transition from the Beach Club right into a workout in a delicious, summer-specific way.

Emily Ewen

Emily Ewen is a senior writer and content editor at Life Time.

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