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These past few months have been a bit of a whirlwind. In fact, so much so that I didn’t even realize how wound up I was until I finally started to relax.

The short of the longer story (to be reveal in upcoming posts): We sold our house, bought another, and moved within the course of 51 days. It felt a bit crazy-making at times.

Our sweet little home in the city gave us shelter for nine years, but we had outgrown the space, so we had begun looking last fall. I won’t bore you with the real-estate details, but the stress that accompanied this process was intense. It put us on edge, and I often found myself highly sensitive to any questions about buying and selling. We’re both relieved it’s done, and we are finally able to get comfortable in our new home.

Part of our new home and thus, new lifestyle, is a much slower pace than I’m used to. We’re outside the city, and it’s a battle I fought for a while: I insisted that I could only live in the city, after residing there since freshman year of college (I grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis). Kyle enjoyed the country, so it was important that we could find a compromise.

Again and again we returned to the word “retreat” to describe the place we were looking for, and if we were lucky enough to find it, we would know it.
The home we found is indeed that retreat. It is surrounded by nature. As I write, there’s a doe sitting in our front yard. Yesterday, three wild turkeys walked through our backyard. And there are trails everywhere, glorious trails, beaches, lakes, tennis courts, a golf course, and fields to run and play.

When I drive into the neighborhood, following the winding roads — note the 30 mph speed limit, both to mind the neighbors/children and the wildlife that frequently cross on their way to the adjoining conservation area — I can feel a calm come over me. The house is peaceful, the pets are relaxed, and Kyle asks why I’m speaking so loud when I inquire about dinner. That’s right: I forgot that we move slower here. We like the quiet.

So what does this new lifestyle mean for my weight-loss plan? I’ll be trying a few new things, including more walking, but getting back on track with lowering my stress is step No. 1. More on that to come….

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