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We spent Labor Day weekend at Kyle’s family’s cabin, so I would once again miss my Saturday Boot Camp class. I had several conflicts and travel in August, and thus pretty inconsistent last month. But with fall in the air, the season of back-to-school and return of schedules and routines, I wanted to make sure I stay active even when I miss class.

So instead of Boot Camp, I took Chloe on a sprinting workout Saturday morning. It was good for her and good for me. Since I was planning on rising early, I abstained from alcohol and ate well, a crisp spinach salad with grilled chicken and extra-virgin olive oil and fresh-squeezed lemon as the dressing. Sitting around the campfire with the siblings-in-law, I only drank sparkling water and went to bed before midnight.

On our run, Chloe took off. She recently turned 7, and she still moves really well. I found myself slowing down a lot sooner than she was ready. When I walked to catch my breath, she looked back at me panting, occasionally jumping toward me to get me running again. I made it for about 20 minutes before I went back to the cabin, but felt proud of myself for breaking my usual “vacation mindset.” She’s fun to run with, and I plan on taking her out more often.

Here’s a picture of me and Chloe at the cabin in August 2010, before she was able to lure me off the couch.

woman and dog

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