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Tonight at a restaurant, our waitress was talking about the roads. There were a reported 40-some accidents in the Twin Cities yesterday, with many of them attributed to “black ice,” the slippery conditions that aren’t as apparent to the eye.

She noted how awful she felt for driving to work so fast. “I wasn’t even thinking!”

It made me think about other practices or instances where it felt mindless: You take the same exit home, eat the same foods because you know (or think?) you like them best, you watch TV all night on the couch because that’s how you know how to decompress.

Instead of following the same pattern, I have to remind myself to question and consider each move. Do I really want to eat this? How will it make me feel? Do I need to surf the tube or would I get more from reading a book?

It’s a conscious approach, one that I need to practice every day.

What do you need to be more mindful of?

Thoughts to share?

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