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a woman wearing headphones
Rustling leaves 20 dB
Whisper in a library 30 dB
Quiet room 40 dB
Rainfall 50 dB
Open-floor-plan office 60 dB
Vacuum cleaner 70 dB
Coffee shop 70 dB
City street 70 dB
Movie theater 70-104 dB
School cafeteria 75-80 dB
Kitchen blender 90 dB
Headphones on maximum 96 to 100 dB
Power hand drill 100 dB
Snowblower 106 dB
Rock-and-roll concert 110 dB
Jet ski 115 db
Ambulance siren 120 dB
Thunder 120 dB
Jackhammer 130 dB
Jet airplane taking off 140 dB

This was excerpted from “Quiet, Please!” which was published in the September 2021 issue of Experience Life magazine.

Karen Bannan

Karen Bannan is a freelance editor and writer who lives in New York. Follow her on Twitter @KarenBannan or her blog,

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