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Every deep spirit teacher I come across writes in their own enlightened way about suffering and commonplace misery as stemming largely from fighting and resisting the reality of our life. Most all of the analogies boil down to banging our heads repeatedly and wailingly against the brick wall of the present day, while we get angrier by the minute with each resounding bang at the meanness, cruelty, and inflexibility of the wall in front of us.

What would happen if we stepped back, took a literal breather, righted ourselves and relaxed our reverberating heads for a sec? What if instead we gazed more openly upon whatever it is that we assume is blocking us?

Is the wall really so awful, so truly impregnable?

There might actually be some beautiful climbing ivy along one section of its bricks, or a fresh patch of dewy moss clinging to an area of the wall, or a striking pattern of pretty color streaming through another patch.

And maybe, just maybe, the wall that we have resurrected and believe in our hearts and minds to be the negative and inhibiting OBSTACLE to our happiness is quite ironically the very THRESHOLD to it.

Perhaps this curious wall is actually the doorway leading into the secret delicious garden of our life. True, the garden might be a little dilapidated or untended, because it has been so bogged down by the immensity of our struggle with the wall, yet it is hands down the jewel in the crown of the vast landscape in front of us.

With spring officially here—and all the energy, spark, and creativity that comes along with it—let’s nod to and celebrate the paradox of the brick wall and the secret garden it so lovingly protects.

How about we take a giant brave breath, soften our beliefs about the wall, and plunge ourselves headlong into the cultivation of the before-now hidden garden, aka our life as it is?

It’s actually quite simple:

Step 1. Stop all your anguished banging.

Step 2. Start seeing, being, and accepting your life as is, right here, right now.

Step 3. Let the song of your life arise before your tender, touched, and loving eyes.

You in?


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