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There are many different eating preferences due to food sensitivities, morals, or other variables. Many people ask me what type of eating style I am or teach. Recently when asked, I blurted out the word “Intuitivarian.”

My definition of “Intuitivarian” is: Someone who fuels their body with the correct balance of nutrition in the present moment. This is ultimate self-trust and a developed skill in self-discovery with your relationship with food.

I enjoy all of the amazing research that is available at our finger tips, however this is challenging and overwhelming for each person to decipher how food effects them on a daily basis. The journey to understanding yourself and how food affects you requires patience and desire.

I am an inspiring sailor. If we chart our course and don’t adjust with the winds and tides correctly, we are heading for disaster. When other nutritionist or diet plans put you on “the perfect diet” and do not empower you with tools to adjust to the natural changes of life, this is a recipe for frustration and exhaustion.

Remember this is a practice and if you sail off course, don’t worry, you get to eat every day and you can try again tomorrow.  Try to let go of your all or none personality and be easy on yourself.  You can NOT get mad at yourself to become healthy, this is completely opposite mindset.

Tips to begin your journey as an “Intuitivarian”

1. Take 5 deep breaths before you decide what you want to eat;
2. Take an inventory of what you have or haven’t eaten yet;
3. Think of how you want to feel after the meal and journal about how food is making you feel;
4. Review the Conscious Nutrition “Food Tree” for meal combining ideas (email us for a complimentary “Food Tree” at;
5. Only enjoy what you are eating and have positive thoughts.

Heather Fleming is the founder of Conscious Nutrition, programs that empower others to live a life of vitality, purpose and energy.

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