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When I mentioned Katie Torpey‘s weight-loss story in my last blog post, it made me want to share more with you. I said you should check out her blog on the Handel Group‘s website, and you should (after you read and watch this!), but then I thought, why not share part of her story here?

The more I thought about it, I decided it’s these kinds of stories — along with those published in our “How I Did It” column and Life Time’s myStory blog — that keep me motivated to eat right, exercise and take care of my body. So, every week or so, I’ve decided to share videos, blogs, photos and stories I come across online that inspire me on my path to better health. Sometimes they’ll be weight-loss stories, but generally, I’m on the lookout for all-around awesomeness in overcoming obstacles, creating sustainable change or simply being great.

So let’s kick off this week with Katie Torpey, who’s been maintaining a 130-pound weight loss: [youtube]

Thoughts to share?

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