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gossip sketches

When assigning an illustration, the first thing I do after reading the article is decide what qualities I’m looking for in the artist. Is it their ability to conceptualize an abstract idea? Am I looking for something more literal, like an infographic? Is it more or less a decorative element on the page? Or am I trying to capture human emotions?

gossip_sketches (1)

In the case of “Getting Past Toxic Gossip” (March 2013), the latter was the case, and I knew Daniel Krall was the guy to call. His figures are stylistically interesting, and he does an awesome job with facial expressions. Plus his color palette is fresh, and he has the ability to artfully fit a lot of information into a small space.

I asked him for sketches that were “variations on either being gossiped about, or gossiping about someone else.” He had the added challenge of working within the very horizontal shape I gave him. The sketches above all fit the bill, but we felt like the cubicle scenario would resonate with many of our readers. The final art (below) was perfect for the piece.

Thanks to Daniel, for helping me draw readers in with his amazing artwork!

Final art for the article “Toxic Gossip.”


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