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A close up of a woman's face marking where her brow starts, arches, and ends.

Angled, rounded, straight — when it comes to eyebrow shapes, there are many possibilities. This can make it overwhelming to figure out which style is right for you, but once you find one that works, your brows can help boost self-confidence and elevate your look.

Perfect eyebrows can be hard to execute by yourself, though, so we asked Brie Bobick, esthetician at LifeSpa Minnetonka in Minnetonka, Minn., and Joee Nelson, esthetician at LifeSpa Crosstown in Eden Prairie, Minn., to share their wealth of knowledge on eyebrow shapes and grooming techniques. They answered a few common questions, then shared these tips for finding the right shape and maintaining your eyebrows between regular salon appointments.

Why are eyebrows such an important part of the face?

“Brows are one of the best accessories you have on your face every day. I always tell people that investing in your brows goes a long way,” Nelson says.

In the time of mask-wearing, they can also help with communication. “Right now, bold brows can help people see your facial expressions a little bit better while the rest of your face is covered,” Nelson adds. “It’s a nice way to connect with others and stay on trend. When I’m in my mask and have my brows done, I feel so good about myself even if I don’t have any other makeup on.”

What tips do you have for maintaining your brows at home?

“I typically tell my clients to stay away from any type of blading tool. They’re harder to work with and they often remove too much hair,” Nelson says. “Instead, use a tweezer to carefully pull only one hair at a time and reevaluate as you go.”

“I advise my clients to let me take care of the brow shaping for them, because it can be hard to do on yourself, “Bobick explains. “But if they’re wanting to maintain in between appointments at home, I recommend only tweezing stray hairs that grow in the middle of the brows or any hairs that are obvious outliers.”

What eyebrow shape is best for me?

If you’re just getting started with brow care, it’s always best to follow the natural shape of your brows. “There aren’t specific rules for the best brow shape,” says Bobick. “The main priority is a result that makes you feel confident. I believe, in most cases, what naturally grows is the right overall shape for your features. The goal is to find those natural growth patterns and refine the shape for a polished look.” She offers these tips for finding that shape.

How to Find Your Natural Brow Shape

“The process of finding the right shape will be a little different for everyone and can vary depending on your lifestyle, comfort level, and personal preference, but these general tips can help you find your natural shape at home,” says Bobick.

Tools needed:

  • Brow brush or spoolie
  • Mirror
  • Straight-edge object (tweezers, eyeliner pencil, or popsicle stick)
  • Your favorite brow products (such as pencil, powder, or gel)
  • Optional: eyeliner

Getting started

The first step is to get familiar with your brows and their natural growth. Start with clean, dry brows and use a spoolie brush to work your brow hairs upward. Use a straight-edge object (such as a tweezers, eyeliner pencil, or even a popsicle stick) to measure and a mirror to see what you’re doing.


  • Inner brow: Hold the straight-edge object vertically flush against the bridge of your nose to see where your inner brow should start. Place a mark using eyeliner or a brow pencil if desired.
  • Brow tail: Place one end of the straight-edge object diagonal from the corner of your nose up through the corner of your eye. This is where your brow tail should stop. Place a mark if desired.
  • Brow arch: Line the straight-edge tool up with the outer edge of your iris, the colored part of your eye. Your arch should be about two thirds from the start of your inner brow. Place a mark if desired.


Once you’ve measured to find your shape, you can remove any obvious outliers or stray hairs in the middle of your brows using a tweezers. Be careful to remove only one hair at a time.

Filling in

Now it’s time to enhance with your favorite brow products. Following your measurements, lightly fill in any sparse areas using a brow powder, pencil, gel, or other product.

“I’m a fan of tinted brow gels. They’re quick, usually have buildable color payoff, and give a little bit of volume and hold,” says Bobick. “Start by applying the product to the outer two thirds of your brow, then work inward. Apply sparingly at the inner corner as a denser color deposit here can create an angry appearance.”

For even more definition, use a brow pencil or angled brush with brow powder. “To finish, brush your brow hairs up with a spoolie to soften any harsh lines,” Nelson instructs. “Then, I like to use my angled brush with a creamy highlight right at the base and top of the brows to really make the shape look vibrant. Finish by blending out with a brush or sponge.”

Emily Ewen

Emily Ewen is a senior writer and content editor at Life Time.

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