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$300 loan.

On Friday, one of my Boot Camp buddies texted me about my How I Did It story, and in our exchange, she asked if she’d get to see me for a workout before she returned to school. I checked my schedule and committed: I’ll see you Tuesday!

Then I gulped: What did I just agree to?

I mean, I haven’t been to Boot Camp since mid-June, and I haven’t been lifting weights. Was I really going to be able to keep up?

Luckily, our outdoor workout (yes, outside on this very hot and humid day, which the local weather reporter deemed “completely gross” in her Sunday forecast) was body-weight exercises and, my favorite approach, Tabata.

For Tabata, you work for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, work for 20, and so on, for eight rounds. Because it was hot, Shane gave us two minutes to rest in between exercises.

Even though it was body weight only, I was definitely feeling challenged, especially on round 7 of pushups. But it was good for me to connect with my group and trainer again, and motivated me to come home and make a deliciously healthy kale and chickpea stir-fry (look for the recipe later this week).

As I’ve been revisiting what works for me and what doesn’t, I started thinking so hard about the unhealthy “triggers” I need to eliminate instead of adding in more of the healthy habits that prompt other healthy behaviors, eventually edging out those undesirable patterns.

This could be one of those healthy triggers I need to get — and stay — on track.

Thoughts to share?

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