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$300 loan.

This is our final week in Life Time’s 90-Day Challenge (for this round — another challenge starts soon!), and I’ve been reflecting on my progress thus far. Our final weigh-in days are May 9 to 11.

I’m a little bummed that I won’t make my weight-loss goal of 25 pounds, but I might have been a bit ambitious: My weight loss has varied, sometimes 2 pounds a week, sometimes more and sometimes less, in the three years that I’ve been losing weight and changing my lifestyle. I’m looking at the upside, though: I did lose some weight — depending on the final day, around 10 pounds, but I’ll take it! And even bigger than that, participating in the challenge encouraged me to take a few new classes and mix up my workout routine.

gym scene
My Barbell Strength station.
  • Barbell Strength: I was, well, pumped to take this class, given my love of weight lifting. When I arrived to class, I claimed a station — not realizing I had to set up my own. A kind woman behind me offered to help, and when she asked how much weight I could handle, I boldly said “plenty!” Sure, that may be true in Boot Camp, where we do lots of heavy deadlifts, Olympic lifts and kettlebell swings in shorter work periods, but this class had me removing weight plates after the first 10 minutes. Tip: Don’t be timid about using a bit lighter weight than you’d use in weight lifting since you’ll be doing more reps at a faster pace with less rest. But don’t go too light or you won’t see the strength gains you’re after. The energy of instructor Todd was great, and it’s definitely one I’d revisit.
  • Cycling: I’ve tried Life Time’s Cycling class before with my coworker, Christy, and really enjoyed it. Yet, I haven’t been making time in my schedule for Rachel’s noon Wednesday class. So for the challenge, I participated in Giorgio’s Thursday class and found a good match. Besides the fact that he immediately charmed me with his ’90s musical selections of Sade for the warm-up and a main set that included Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope album (curiously, this was the essential soundtrack for me and my girlfriends during college), his messages about taking care of our bodies were really uplifting. “This is your time, here in the dark. You’re alone and yet surrounded. What do you want to conquer tonight?” Finding another option for a Cycling class will be useful for times when my workdays are full.
  • Zumba, and the love of dancing: I attended a Zumba class with one of my Boot Camp buddies, and I was impressed by how quickly she was picking up the steps. I had hoped the same would happen for me, but alas, I was a bit heavy-footed. Several athletes in class were regular students, so I figure, with more attendance, I’ll just improve. I do love dancing, and have enjoyed Zumba in the past, so I’m interested to try a few different classes and instructors, and find a class time that works for me. This class also prompted me to return to my living room bust-a-move sessions, where I put in my earbuds and freestyle dance to “Bust A Move” (among other favorite tunes) while our dog Chloe looks on with confusion/fear/horror. Only now I’ll add in some Zumba moves so I can be ready for the next class.

Have you changed up your workout routine lately? What’s been working (or not)?

Thoughts to share?

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