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I’m Alexi, SVP of Partnerships and Strategic Alliances at RxSugar® — it’s nice to meet you! I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 14, and that diagnosis has fueled my commitment to health, wellness, diet, and nutrition.

Living with type 1 diabetes requires constant blood-sugar monitoring and carb calculations to ensure that I dose the proper amount of insulin. I check my blood-sugar levels daily using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), and I often use a regular blood-sugar meter to verify the accuracy as well. Healthy blood-sugar levels are crucial for maintaining a robust, rewarding lifestyle, and I follow a strict low-carb diet such that my CGM graph invariably displays a steady line.

The Holiday Ups & Downs

My blood-sugar management routine may seem like it can become tiring from day to day – and it does. But the daily trials and tribulations of having type 1 diabetes become even more pronounced during the holidays.

Think about the best part of the holidays . . . what comes to mind? If you’re like many people, it’s probably holiday treats.

The holidays are always full of wonderful memories, many of which are associated with baking and enjoying goodies that are only available around during the festive season. When families and friends come together to share meals and each other’s company, they are very often enjoying these sugar-laden foods and desserts.

This is problematic if you are trying to maintain steady and healthy blood-sugar levels year-round.

Alternative Options

The good news is that there are many creative, low-carb, low- or zero-sugar recipes options out there and I’d love to share a few with you. Each of them features RxSugar, the world’s best-tasting, healthiest natural plant-based sugar and syrups, each with zero calories, zero net carbs and zero blood-sugar impact. As a result, you can enjoy your holiday treats while ensuring that your body and blood-sugar levels are just as happy as your tastebuds.

Here are several of my favorite holiday recipes:

For more delectable, blood-sugar friendly choices, visit RxSugar® Recipes

Happy Holidays from RxSugar®!

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