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The way many of us work has changed in recent years, especially for those who have office or entrepreneurial jobs. More than ever, people are looking to simplify their routines, reduce commutes, and increase the time that they spend in environments that inspire them.

“As work has become more distributed, and flexibility in work location more commonplace, we’ve noticed more Life Time members working from laptops in the clubs — taking phone calls, sending emails, or completing whatever work was on their plate for that given day,” shares James O’Reilly, president of Life Time Work. “Observing this change in member behavior prompted us to find opportunities to bring components of our Life Time Work business into our clubs.”

Now, in addition to the Life Time Work offering, where professionals can work out of a standalone coworking environment that is either connected or located in close proximity to a Life Time athletic country club, there are also two distinct Life Time Work Club Lounge options for those who want to work in a designated space inside the club itself.

“Our hope is that by adding more options as part of the Life Time Work experience and providing more places for members to work efficiently, we’ll be able to serve a greater variety of member needs and a wider set of use cases, ultimately impacting more members,” says O’Reilly.

O’Reilly explains the options provided with the two new Life Time Work Club Lounge offerings:

Life Time Work Club Lounge

Life Time Work Club Lounges are open plan work, community-style areas inside Life Time athletic country clubs that are complimentary for all Life Time members to use — no specific Life Time Work membership required.

“This is the perfect touchdown space where members can enjoy room to sit down and plug in,” explains O’Reilly. “This isn’t meant to be the place for someone to spend an entire day, but rather is a great option for members to stop and sit for an hour or so before or after their workouts. They can take a phone call, respond to emails, or catch up on daily tasks before leaving the club for the day.”

The design aesthetic is in line with our traditional Life Time Work spaces and features a variety of seating options, including low- and high-top tables. “There’s less traffic and noise in this area than you’ll find in the LifeCafe, making it an atmosphere that’s more conducive to productivity,” O’Reilly says. “If you finish your workout and your phone is blowing up and you need a quieter place to address work items before carrying on with the rest of your day, this is the ideal spot for that.”

Life Time Work Club Lounge Premium

Life Time Work Club Lounge Premium spaces are enclosed, professional work spaces inside of Life Time athletic country clubs that require a membership upgrade to gain access. Members can choose to use the space for a couple of hours or for a full day. Features include private phone booths, collaboration nooks, varying desk options, printing, and refrigeration space (specific spaces and amenities vary by club).

“You can think of this as your middle-ground option,” explains O’Reilly. “It offers more amenities than the complimentary club lounge spaces, but not as many as you’d get with a membership to a standalone Life Time Work space. The best fit for you will depend on your workspace needs and specific use case.

“This option allows members to be embedded in the athletic country club environment and plan their day around working in this space,” continues O’Reilly. “The aspiration line between going to work and working out is blurred when you take advantage of this space. You can prioritize work and your healthy way of life all in one place.”

Note: Life Time Work and Life Time Work Club Lounge offerings are currently available in select markets across the United States. You can find the growing list of locations here.

What Is Life Time Work?

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Life Time Work is the first and only coworking concept that combines exceptional workspaces with a world-class health club experience: A membership to the Life Time Work includes a membership to a Life Time Athletic Country Club, which is always located within a few steps or a short drive.

The traditional Life Time Work offering allows professionals to be productive in an array of spaces equipped with ergonomic furnishings — think large, open coworking areas; private offices and desks, private phone booths; and conference rooms. Other amenities include a dedicated staff, secure and fast Wi-Fi, responsive tech support, printing capabilities, fresh coffee, healthy snacks, a community kitchen, and hosted events. The overall look and feel is sleek and modern, and the entire space is designed with your productivity in mind.

Callie Chase
Callie Fredrickson

Callie Fredrickson is a content editor at Life Time.

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