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1. Theo® chocolate

Theo® was the first organic, Fair Trade Certified chocolate maker in North America, making all of its treats with minimal ingredients. They support farmers’ sustainable growing practices, integrated pest management, biodiverse farming, and reforestation.

2. Guayakí Yerba Mate

Guayakí’s regeneration strategy includes four pillars: practicing conscious leadership, partnering with their values, celebrating communities and cultures, and taking responsibility for their footprint. They’re committed to preventing rainforest deforestation and air pollution, protecting water supplies and biodiversity, and drawing down carbon into forests and soils.

3. LesserEvil®

LesserEvil®’s mission is to be the most sustainable snack company on the planet. They source organic ingredients and operate out of an eco-friendly factory, as well as package their snacks — including popcorn, puffs, veggies sticks, and more — in biodegradable NEO plastic. They also compost nearly all of their waste.

4. Applegate® Natural and Organic Meats

Applegate® demands its farms meet third-party certified animal welfare standards. It also has a goal of 15 percent of sales being sourced from animals who are raised on pasture-centered farms, which can offer positive environmental impacts such as using fewer energy-intensive inputs and more evenly spread manure.

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