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Bahram Akradi, founder, chairman, and CEO of Life Time — Healthy Way of Life

Did you know that your body is made up of something like 50 to 100 trillion cells? If they were lined up end to end, your cells could circle the earth several times over. Incredible, isn’t it?

Perhaps even more incredible is that every moment of the day, every single one of your cells is busy producing and emitting energy. Some of those cells are in your brain, others are in your blood, bone, tissues and organs. And each cell has a series of tasks that it is called on to perform, both day and night.

Some of those tasks are directed toward voluntary efforts (lift arm; remember locker combination); some toward involuntary operations (squeeze heart muscle; recognize familiar face). But regardless of function, all living cells emit energy, and all require a certain amount of intercellular cooperation to do what they do best.

When all of your cells are well aligned and working happily together, great things happen almost effortlessly. It’s like a skilled, well-practiced symphony playing a beautiful, complex piece of music — a harmonious, productive flow. You’ve probably had that experience: Even challenging tasks come easily to you, and you have unbounded energy for what you are doing.

So what happens when your cellular energy is out of alignment? You’ve probably had that experience, too: That’s when things feel difficult and draining, when it’s hard to maintain focus or motivation. One part of you may feel desperate to get something done, but another part of you just wants to give up.

The effect in this case is more like an ad hoc collection of musicians who all have different sheets of music in front of them. Some are determined to play Beethoven’s 5th, some of them are singing drinking songs at the top of their lungs, and others have their arms crossed in front of them. Disgusted with the noise, they are refusing to play at all.

This is more or less what occurs in our bodies and minds when we don’t have good alignment about what we are trying to achieve. Our conscious mind may be determined to accomplish one thing, but our emotional self isn’t entirely on board, or our physical body has serious reservations about whether there’s enough energy and vitality in its stores to pull this thing off.

As result, there’s a division of energy at a cellular level. Some cells are emitting energy that pulls in one direction, while others are pulling in another. As a result, their efforts neutralize each other, and all that energy gets wasted. We find ourselves becoming ineffective, frustrated, drained, anxious or depressed.

Meanwhile, some part of us may go into withholding mode, kind of like the musicians with their crossed arms, saying: Look, until you get this figured out, I’m not going to do much of anything. 

So what can you do to get your cells realigned, and keep them that way? It starts with creating harmony between your main objectives.

Set aside a day, or part of day, and go to a quiet, serene place where you won’t be disturbed. Get yourself in a calm, clear state of mind. Relax your body. Then ask yourself some questions.

Are your physical, intellectual and emotional energies all operating in sync with your sense of big-picture purpose?

Are your career and personal relationships aligned and supportive of your most important goals and values?

Do you have daily habits and self-care regimens that keep your body strong and resilient enough to carry through with your commitments?  Are you spending time in nature, making space for workouts, yoga, meditation  — whatever helps you operate at your best?

If so, wonderful. You probably feel great and have energy to spare. If not, it means you have a terrific opportunity to create better alignment and enjoy a huge uptick in available energy as a result.

When our bodies are poorly nourished, plagued with aches and pains, or fighting off chronic health woes, when our minds and hearts are occupied with worries and frustrations, it means a whole lot of our cells are struggling against each other. And they are probably emitting a lot of negative energy in the process.

What we need to correct the situation is the equivalent of a super magnet — a powerful force capable of aligning all of our cellular energy in one positive direction. We all have that super magnet within us. We just need to take the quiet time and focus to activate it.

Take some time this weekend to reflect on where you might be out of alignment or working at cross purposes. Get your thoughts down on paper, and then begin making necessary adjustments. When you feel a sudden surge of energy and satisfaction, you’ll know you’re on the right track.

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