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a candle, book and cup of warm cocoa rest on a blanket

Sip and Savor 

a Vroom! Vroom! starter set from The Reluctant Trading Experiment

Enjoy the richness of a traditional Vietnamese coffee at home with a Vroom! Vroom! starter set from The Reluctant Trading Experiment. It includes a blend of Vietnamese and Thai coffee beans, condensed milk, and a stainless-steel filter. $32 at


Warm Up

Ibex wool blankets

The sustainable wool for these cozy, elegant blankets is sourced and woven in Massachusetts. All wool goods from Ibex are designed to last a lifetime, so you can relax with this heirloom blanket for years to come. $225 at


Light the Way

candle and sprouted evergreen tree from modsprout

This candle from Modern Sprout contains the future. Once you’ve enjoyed hours of candlelight scented with pine essential oils, the vessel becomes a planter to start a spruce tree — a grow kit with seeds and fertilizer comes tucked in the bottom of the box. $39 at


Treat Your Feet

gray Birkenstock slipper

A quality slipper can add so much comfort to your life. These shearling-lined delights are the first house shoe from the iconic German company Birkenstock, whose sandals are renowned for their comfort and durability. About $100 from


Play On

Wood from the Hood Cribbage board

Wood from the Hood uses reclaimed downed trees from urban neighborhoods to craft its beautiful products, including this cribbage board. Each board has a live edge, with a unique grain and pattern. From $54 at


This article originally appeared as “Cozy Up” in the December 2021 issue of Experience Life.

Experience Life magazine
Experience Life Staff

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