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How Climate Change Affects Your Health — and How to Build Resilience

By Mo Perry
Extreme weather and other climate conditions are affecting our bodies and minds. Discover strategies to build resilience.
a woman holds her wrist

What Contributes to Chronic Inflammation?

By Mo Perry
Chronic inflammation can be spurred by a broad range of factors — but identifying them can be key to restoring balance.
a man holds his back

What Are Signs of Chronic Inflammation?

By Mo Perry
Weight-loss resistance, brain fog, mood disorders, and rheumatoid arthritis are just a few. Read on to learn more.
a woman relaxes while drinking tea

6 Strategies to Manage Chronic Inflammation

By Mo Perry
Inflammation is highly responsive to diet and lifestyle interventions, which can help our bodies cool down and our immune systems become better regulated. Focusing on these six behaviors can make a difference.
a woman blows her nose

Which Health Conditions Are Considered Inflammatory?

By Mo Perry
Chronic conditions such as autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer's, and certain types of arthritis indicate some level of inflammation.
a senior woman looks out a window

How Does Chronic Inflammation Affect the Body?

By Mo Perry
If left unchecked, chronic inflammation can lead to nerve damage, type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. Learn more.
a man points to hand while a trainer looks at it

What Causes the Inflammation Response to Become Chronic?

By Mo Perry
Chronic stress, a poor diet, and environmental toxins can all lead to the inflammation response getting stuck in the "on" position. Here's why.
a woman wraps her arm around her shoulder

How Chronic Inflammation Affects Your Health

By Mo Perry
Our bodies need inflammation to fight off infection, but too much of it for too long can spur a wide range of illnesses. Learning to manage it effectively is key.
a man sits on a couch holding his head

What Are the Risk Factors and Triggers for Functional Neurological Disorders?

By Mo Perry
It turns out there are a variety of different triggers, say experts.
illustration of a head with colorful circles emanating from it

What Is a Functional Neurological Disorder?

By Mo Perry
Hybrid disorders of the brain, mind, and body once confounded physicians and researchers. Today experts are beginning to uncover the conditions’ complexities — and how to treat them.
dominos set up with the words long covid written on them

Is There a Long-COVID “Type”?

By Mo Perry
Researchers are discovering interesting commonalities among long-haulers. Learn more.
a woman looks at the label on a bottle of supplements

What Supplements Can I Take to Support Long-COVID?

By Mo Perry
Just like everyone has unique nutritional needs, everyone will have unique supplemental needs. But, it helps to focus on immune function, mitochondria, and gut health.
a man holds extended child's pose in his living room

Do’s and Don’ts of Exercising With Long COVID

By Mo Perry
An MD shares her gradual, tiered exercise-recovery process.
a woman wears a mask in a large urban setting

How Can I Prevent Getting Sick When Traveling?

By Mo Perry
Start by boosting your immune system with these simple strategies.
the illustrations for man and woman and a toilet on an airplane

How to Prevent Travel-Related Constipation

By Mo Perry
Hydration and getting enough fiber are two key prevention strategies. But there are a few more strategies you can explore.
a woman packs healthy snacks

What Are Good Snacks to Pack When Traveling?

By Mo Perry
These are some healthy, portable, and easy items to pack anytime you travel.
a man sleeps on a plane

How Can I Prevent Jet Lag?

By Mo Perry
Traveling across time zones can make sleep challenging. Here are several strategies to help keep you well rested.
a woman drinks a glass of wine while on a plane

How to Cope With Overindulgence When Traveling

By Mo Perry
Many of us overdo it on food and alcohol when we travel. Discover several strategies to help ease the symptoms of overindulgence.
an anxious woman waits for her airplane

How Can I Calm My Fear of Flying?

By Mo Perry
Discover natural solutions to help alleviate this common stress response.
a woman opens a supplement package on a place

How Can I Prevent Motion Sickness?

By Mo Perry
Expert advice for natural ways to prevent this common travel malady.
a woman pulls her suitcase in a hallway at an airport

6 Common Travel Illnesses and How to Treat Them

By Mo Perry
Travel’s pleasures and demands can take their toll. Stay on track with these foods and supplements.
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