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a tractor plowing a field

How Conventional Farming Practices Harm the Soil

By Kristin Ohlson

Widespread farming practices like monoculture planting and the use of chemical fertilizers have a detrimental effect on soil health.

people carry beets in a wooden crate

7 Ways to Find Food From Good Soil

By Kristin Ohlson

Some food and farm activists want to see an official “soil health” label — much like the federally regulated organic label — but for now, nothing like this exists to guide consumers. Finding food grown in good soil requires some detective work. Experts offer these clues.

a person with rubber boots walks between rows of spring corn

How Soil Health Is Connected to Human Health — and So Much More

By Kristin Ohlson

You may not be able to see them, but the microorganisms in the soil have a major impact on human nutrition and health.

a woman sleeping

5 Tips for Better Sleep

By Kristin Ohlson

Just as you plan ahead for nutritious meals and set aside time for yoga or a vigorous walk, plan your 24-hour cycle to include enough sleep, too.

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