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30-Minute Workout for Young Athletes

This workout features multidirectional movements and power development to help kids improve their athletic abilities.

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A young girl doing an agility sports drill with other kids.

GameFace Sport

GameFace Sport — included in Junior Memberships — is a fun way for kids ages 5 to 13 to stay active and learn the fundamentals of movement.

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DeVentri Jordan

Why GameFace?

With DeVentri Jordan
Season 5, Episode 13   July 19, 2022

From a young age, sports offer a way to stay active and learn valuable life skills. For some, they become an ambition as they get older. In this mini episode, DeVentri Jordan, founder and national director of GameFace at Life Time, shares the ways this sports-training program helps people grow in athletics, whether they’re just getting introduced to sports or are aiming to compete at a high level.

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Healthy Fun for Younger Ones: All About Kids Classes at Life Time

By Callie Fredrickson
Curious if any of the options at Life Time might be right for your kiddos? This expert Q&A explains everything that’s available as part of your Junior Membership.
DeVentri Jordan

Developing Elite Athletes: Q&A With DeVentri Jordan

By Callie Fredrickson
Learn about GameFace Training, Life Time’s newest offering for athletes, from the founder himself.
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