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XPT Performance Breathing

Breathing is the foundation of life, influencing every system and cell in the body. Proper breathing patterns can improve health, cognitive function, motor skills, mobility, overall fitness, longevity, reduce pain, mitigate injury, enhance sleep quality and change psychological state. However, due to the conveniences of modern society and lack of knowledge in current medical and fitness professional education, the vast majority of people breathe sub optimally.

XPT takes a multi-dimensional approach to breathing to allow health and fitness professionals to assess, correct, prescribe and adapt training to fit any client’s needs. We arm fitness professionals with the knowledge to understand breathing for basic human function and to create context for application across a wide spectrum of goals and activities. XPT Performance Breathing coaches possess the tools to correct breathing dysfunction and create optimal breathing patterns for every client.



  • $500 retail value
    • $375 for all Lifetime employees with 25% discount
  • Lifetime employees use code LTPB25 for 25% discount


XPT web:

Performance Breathing Course:

XPT free education content: XPT Youtube


XPT Performance Breathing Certification Overview

  • Multi-Dimensional Approach to Breathing
  • Respiratory anatomy & physiology
  • Breathing Assessment & ventilation mechanics
  • Correcting Dysfunctional Breathing
  • Breathing for Optimal Health
  • Influencing the mind & controlling emotional state
  • Breathing for Performance (Pre/During/Post Workout)
  • XPT Performance Breathing Techniques (15+)
  • Creating integrated breath programs 

XPT Performance Breathing @ Lifetime

Lifetime Athletic Clubs can provide preferred access for Lifetime DPT’s and employees at a discounted rate (see below). Trainers will receive access to 10 hours of home study breathing theory and lecture via online course, including practical application activities that can be practiced together or with clients.


  • Create a foundational understanding of breathing to enhance health, performance, longevity
  • Develop the tools to assess and correct dysfunctional breathing mechanics
  • Prescribe breathing protocols specific to each client’s assessment, fitness level and goals
  • Implement breath work with clients to improve mood, relaxation, focus, memory, cognitive function, emotional states, relieve stress & anxiety, enhance recovery from exercise and improve sleep


  • Online course featuring lectures, practical assessments, hands on learning, and critical thinking quizzes to reinforce learning
  • In person hands on course for guided practice from XPT Master Coach (to be added later date)
  • 6 CEU’s from NASM & AFAA, 1.1 CEC’s from ACE
  • Access to continuing education through XPT Coaches Portal featuring:
    • Full text research studies & reviews
    • Programming
    • Forum to connect with other coaches and share best practices
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