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Recipes - Snacks & Treats

Honey & Vanilla Bean Creme Caramel
By Karen Olson
Fresh vanilla bean gives this crème caramel an exceptional aroma. Serve with caramelized pear slices on the side, or simply add some fresh berries.
raspberry crisp
By Karen Olson
Luscious raspberries and plums are topped with a crunchy crumble of oatmeal, pecans and brown sugar. Other types of fruit, such as apples, peaches and nectarines, also work well in this recipe. Try subbing in maple syrup for the brown sugar. 
By Experience Life Staff
Favorite recipes from devoted juicers who want to help you jump-start your juicing habit . . . 
two plates with oshitashi
By Karen Olson
This simple, elegant Japanese “salad” side dish is a great accompaniment to sushi rolls, grilled meats or tofu.
By Betsy Nelson
Pair this dip with whole-grain crusty bread or vegetable crudité. Add diced sundried tomatoes or chopped olives for zesty variations.
By Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl
A simple, quick garlic toast.
jars of macerated berries
By Andrew Zimmern
Andrew Zimmern shares his recipe for these delectable strawberries inspired at Trattoria Sostanza in Florence.
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