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Finding Your Fitness Edge

By Alisa Bauman
The motivational phrase "No pain, no gain" is as tired as it is inaccurate. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't push yourself to new limits and higher workout highs.
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How to Test Your Endurance

By Matt Fitzgerald
Sometimes the best way to track your progress toward your fitness goals is to pick a test and make it a regular part of your regimen. Which benchmark assessment you choose depends on what you want to measure.

Body Camp

By Kelle Walsh
Bring your athletic skills to the next level. Take your body and mind on a learning adventure. Attention campers: Your fitness-immersion experience is about to begin.
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Creative Cardio Ideas

By Nicole Adamson
Not one for marathons on the elliptical machine? Maximize the burn and minimize the boredom with these innovative options.
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Motivation for Fitness and the Ways We Can Move

Season 1, Episode 4   February 17, 2020

Maggie Fazeli Fard, fitness coach and senior fitness editor at Experience Life, discusses moving for your unique body and motivations, the importance of mechanics and consistency, the components of a well-rounded exercise routine, and why fitness is about so much more than aesthetics.

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6 Foundations of Health

By Fernando Pages Ruiz
Scrape off all the crazy hype, jargon, and mixed messages usually associated with health and fitness, and you're left with the important stuff — which really isn't so complicated after all.
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