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2023 Editorial Calendar

The Experience Life editorial calendar is subject to change. If you wish to pitch article ideas to the editorial team, please keep in mind that we typically begin planning issues six to seven months in advance of the publish date.


A successful wellness journey often begins with a focus on basic habits and behaviors. Find fresh insights to help you strengthen the healthy-living skills you’ve already acquired and prepare yourself to move forward with confidence.


In the two years since the start of the pandemic, mental health has taken a big hit, affecting not just our mindset but our overall health. This issue is devoted to offering insights on how to support and build our mental well-being.


Simply committing to one small change can lead to surprising personal growth, whether it’s at work, at home, or at the health club. Explore the many ways intention, however tiny, can significantly improve your life.


Food sustains us, delights us, and connects us in myriad ways — reasons enough to dedicate an entire issue to the topic each year. Because there’s always more to learn from visionary growers, chefs, and foodies.


Sure, accepting a comfortable life is less risky than charting a new direction, but what’s the fun in that? Get motivated to take a big leap with stories, strategies, and mindset shifts to help you transform an ordinary life into an extraordinary one.


Summertime offers chances to discover new vistas with renewed energy and optimism. Whether exploring the possibilities indoors or out in the wild, you’ll broaden your horizons with inspiration from a host of adventurous experts.


Who gets to be healthy and who’s destined to be sick? Recent history has revealed in stark detail how societal inequities tend to determine individual well-being. We investigate the many ways your race, class, gender, and other factors affect your health.

October “BREAK FREE” 

When customs and conventions block your path to a more satisfying life, it may be time to untangle yourself from whatever’s holding you back. Discover practical strategies to help you see the obstacles — and set yourself free.

November “TAKE YOUR TIME” 

The obligations of the holiday season can have us all moving so fast that we never fully enjoy the hours we spend with friends and family. Because time can expand or contract depending on your frame of mind, we offer expert guidance on how to make the most of each moment.

December “WE’VE GOT THIS“

In whatever form it takes, community is a key to our individual and societal well-being. With some tips on enhancing our kindness, empathy, and compassion, we can wrap up the year feeling like we’re ready to make the world a better place in 2023.

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