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Have you ever read an article in Experience Life and found yourself thinking that there was something you wanted to add or a design element that you wanted to tweak? Have you written a letter to the editor or posted a comment online? If so, we hope you’ll consider joining Experience Life Insiders, our reader advisory group.

Members of the EL Insiders group will be invited to share their insights and opinions on everything from article ideas to cover concepts.

Your feedback will help us make the magazine better and help us respond to the real-life interests and needs of our super-smart reader base. We promise to make it as fun and easy for you as we can, and we hope you’ll enjoy the process.

If you’re interested, simply enter your information below and click “Sign Up.” For every survey you complete, you’ll be eligible to win one of several valuable thank you gifts, from products featured in the magazine to gift subscriptions you can share with your friends.

We also promise not to take up a lot of your time or to sell your information to anyone else. We value your input and your trust.

Sign up now!

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NOTE: By signing up for EL Insiders, you also agree to receive emails about special events, giveaways and limited promotional offers from Experience Life. We promise not to share your email with any other organization.

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