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Explore the following articles designed to help you recover from your training and event and that will help you come back stronger for your next race.


hot and cold faucets in a tub

3 Hot and Cold Therapies for Postworkout Recovery

By Nicole Radziszewski

These three temperature-based therapies offer postworkout recovery support.

photo composite of various compression garments

Do Compression Garments Work?

By Nicole Radziszewski

Compression garments and devices manipulate your circulatory system to boost performance and recovery. Are they right for you?


Oatmeal superfood breakfast bars.

Oatmeal Superfood Breakfast Bars

By The Life Time Health Team

Make your mornings easier. Bake these bars ahead of time for the perfect grab-and-go healthy breakfast.

Three kinds of homemade trail mix.

Make Your Own Trail Mix

By Robin Asbell

Mix and match three different trail-mix combos: curry, tamari-almond, and nut butter and chocolate.

a sports bottle poolside

How to Make Your Own Sports Drink

By Sarah Tuff

Avoid unhealthy additives by making your own sports drink. Add some trace-mineral drops for an extra boost.

Training Tips

a collage of various fitness activities

6 Cross-Training Activities to Try

By Sarah Tuff

Improve your fitness and performance by cross-training outside your go-to activity.

Injury Prevention

Woman running on a trail outdoors

6 Common Running Mistakes to Avoid

By Dr. Reza Alizadeh

Things to watch out for to prevent hindering your endurance efforts.

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