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Day 9: Sleep Bundle

Items To Help You Sleep

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Looking for ways to rest easier? We’ve put together a bundle of six comforting remedies to help you drift off:

1. Magnesium Balm from ModernRoots combines a healthy dose of magnesium — a key mineral for healthy sleep — with beeswax and essential oils.

2. Nite Nite from The Good Patch is infused with a potent combination of hemp extract and melatonin and is great for travel.

3. Sleep Gummies from Charlotte’s Web combines 10 mg of premium-quality CBD with melatonin to help you get to sleep on time.

4. Moon Lip Balm from Hurraw’s is rich with raw coconut oil, infused with blue chamomile, and will help soothe your mind and your lips.

5. Night-Night Balm from Badger smells of lavender and chamomile and is gentle enough for kids.

6. Sleep Series Soothe from de Mamiel combines essential oils with sleep-supporting minerals and B vitamins. Apply to pulse points to calm a racing mind.

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