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a person looks at their watch
By Pilar Gerasimo
We are a nation of speed freaks. Scheduled to the max, rushed to the point of distraction, we still can't seem to get it all done. Our obsession with productivity may make us efficient, but is it worth it?
question mark
By Experience Life Staff
Studies show that people are more motivated to achieve their goals when phrased in the form of a question.
woman in autumn leaves
By Joe Robinson
Are you measuring your worth by what you get done? Here’s why it’s time to give your productivity-seeking a rest, and go in search of some fun instead.
By Experience Life Staff
How a daily practice keeps us feeling positive, inspired and energized.
By Joe Robinson
Do your days seem like an endless string of obligatory routines? Take some lessons from a work-life-balance expert on how to reclaim more joyful time for you.
parent with toddlers on computer
By Jon Spayde
If job-related thoughts dominate most of your waking hours and energy, it may be time to rearrange your priorities and give the other aspects of your life some room to grow.
yellow alarm clock
By Pilar Gerasimo
Start the day on your own terms, and change your life for the better.
By Joseph Hart
Six powerful strategies for accomplishing more of what really matters.
An illustration of an eye.
By Erin Peterson
What you put your attention on grows. Here’s how to train your focus on what matters.
By Joseph Hart
At work, at home and on the go, you probably spend hours enmeshed in the Web. Is it time to pull more of your life free of its sticky grasp?
Switch- changing when things are hard
By Chip and Dan Heath
Brilliant ways to change things for the better — even when change is hard.
By Dimity McDowell Davis
Your guide to training for a sprint triathlon.
woman holding hand up in stop position
By Rich Broderick
When we stop putting up with the small annoyances in our daily lives, we create room for more of what makes us feel great.
By Eliza Sarasohn
Turn off your phone, ignore your inbox, forget the chores, and enjoy a day of real rest and rejuvenation.
Do Less Accomplish More
By Marc Lesser
Daily practices for a calmer, more productive life — and relief from chronic busyness.
man laying in grass reading paper
By the Experience Life Team
Smart, super-practical reasons to build more idleness, downtime, and moments of enjoyment into your busy life.
woman lazing on couch
By Dimity McDowell
Most of us struggle at some point to overcome a stubborn resistance to exercising. Here are some tips for getting — and keeping — your body in motion, even when you don’t feel like it.
Time to Connect
By Sarah Moran
Is a hectic work life taking up all your time and energy, leaving little or nothing for your loved ones? Here’s how—and why—to create space for the relationships that matter most.
family hanging laundry
By Joseph Hart
In an environment of economic contraction, many of us are looking for meaningful ways to cut back. Here’s good advice on how to get by with a little less, and enjoy it more.
Energy Plan
By Joseph Hart
All the time in the world won’t help you achieve your goals if you’re too run down to pursue them. Here’s how to manage your energy - and your sanity.
Hour glass
By Jon Spayde
How to identify and remedy the stress caused by chronic overscheduling and time poverty.
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