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Manoush Zomorodi
By Heidi Wachter
Journalist Manoush Zomorodi shows how exchanging your smartphone for moments of discomfort can boost creativity.
Cool Under Pressure
By Elizabeth Millard
These simple strategies can help steady your nerves when the heat is on.
Tips to slow down
By Mo Perry
These strategies can help us be more present in the here and now.
stresses while commuting
By Jon Spayde
Our health and happiness can suffer when getting to work takes a big chunk of time and energy. These tips can help you relax and enjoy the trip.
headshot of Jamie Martin
By Jamie Martin
Editor in chief Jamie Martin on slowing down and enjoying the moment.
By Mo Perry
Even when there's a lot to do, it's still possible to stop racing through life.
By the Experience Life Team
Too much on your plate? Here’s how to get back on schedule and recapture your sanity.
Bullet Journal
By Kendra Smith
This analog system can help you take better aim at your to-do list — and get clear about your priorities.
By Heidi Wachter
Longtime Today show anchor Natalie Morales gets honest about embracing change, finding balance, and rising to new challenges.
By Brian Johnson
A former player on Coach John Wooden’s legendary basketball team offers sage advice on what it takes to succeed, on and off the court.
An illustration of a woman in front of a laptop, and looking at her phone, in nature.
By Jon Spayde
Few of us get the long, glorious summer breaks that we enjoyed as kids. Here’s how to recapture some of the season’s lost magic — despite your schedule.
By Kyra Bobinet, MD, MPH
You’re the best person to create big changes in your life. But those shifts will happen only if your “future self” is on board.
Bow and arrow illustration
By Kyra Bobinet, MD, MPH
To create positive change, don’t obsess over specific goals. Focus instead on problem-solving strategies you can adjust as you go.
woman holding plank with child on her back
By Brian Johnson
Make the most of your finite willpower.
Miracle Morning
By Brian Johnson
Insights from Hal Elrod’s best-selling book that can help transform your days — before 8 a.m.
Fitness Plan
By Kelly James-Enger and Experience Life Staff
Determined to get into better shape? Use this inquiry-based process to develop a plan that works — and get real results that last.
Checklist with nothing listed
By Heidi Wachter
Tips for getting more of the special somethings that come when the mind is allowed to idle.
An illustration of a person trying to balance a piechart
By the Experience Life Team
How to stop overcommitting your time — and start doing what matters most.
Finish what you start
By Jon Spayde
Psychologist and author Neil Fiore, PhD, on how to make meaningful progress on your incomplete projects.
On-Time Arrival
By Jon Spayde
Are you always late? There’s hope for you yet. Here are some helpful insights for overcoming chronic tardiness.
Bike Clips
By Michael Dregni
Wanna be happier? Take the long way to work.
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