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fitness fix
By Jamie Martin
Honest views on loving your body, even after baby.
A baby blanket and exercise equipment are pictured on the floor.
By Jamie Martin
Jamie Martin on scheduling in exercise after having a baby.
By Kara Douglass Thom
These basic exercises will help get your post-pregnancy body back to its pre-pregnancy strength.
By Experience Life Staff
At the cover shoot for our September 2009 issue, new mom and actress-athlete Maxine Bahns explains how she balances her time between parenthood, her career and her personal relationship with her husband, road cyclist Patrick Watson. She also discusses how she'll share the values of health and fitness with Madison (then just 3 months old).
girl running with heart balloon
By Sally Edwards and Bev Robinson
Kids and tweens today aren’t getting enough exercise. You may think of their attachment to electronic gadgets as a big part of the problem, but two fitness experts explain why one gadget in particular — a heart-rate monitor — may be an important part of the solution.
By Joseph Hart
When we set aside the stereotypes we have about raising teenagers, we can better approach the real challenges that arise - and rediscover the joy in our relationships with our children.
By Elizabeth Larsen
They run, they jump, they play, they compete. That’s great. But how well do their real-life activities measure up to recommendations?
By Helen Cordes
Neurotic about your body? For your kids' sake, deal with it. The body burdens of parents are easily passed along – and lived out — by their children.
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