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a parent talks with a child
By Michael Dregni
Sleep disorders, gastrointestinal infections, and a higher risk of premature death are just some of the possible effects, according to a recent study.
Experience Life editor in chief Jamie Martin
By Jamie Martin
A reminder about being present, courtesy of a phone-free trip to the Grand Canyon.
Two birds over a couple of orange halves.
By Craig Cox
Like many empty nesters, I often wonder what role I should be playing in my adult children’s lives. An unexpected visit from our daughter after months of silence provided some clarity.
Experience Life editor in chief Jamie Martin
By Jamie Martin
They may be young, but our kids have a lot to teach us when we slow down and listen.
A mother and daughter are both on devices.
By Helen Martineau
Are your children glued to their smartphones? Here are a few ways to help them reclaim their time and focus.
a father and son showing affection
By Henry Emmons, MD
Many doctors prescribe medication for teen anxiety, but an integrative developmental and behavioral pediatrician offers these natural therapies.
A child draws angry faces on a piece of paper.
By Michael Dregni
Four experts weigh in on child and family behavior amid the global pandemic.
A little girl drinks juice.
By Michael Dregni
Corporate campaigns targeted kids and helped to create our obesity crisis.
Kids Soccer Team
By Chris Ballard
Many children simply don’t have fun playing sports anymore. Here’s a plan to reverse the “adultification” of youth athletics.
little girl in garden
By Heidi Wachter
Access to green space during childhood may lower the incidence of mental-health issues later on, according to a recent study.
Mom on couch with basket of laundry and two children
By Michael Dregni
The stress gap between men and women may be growing, according to recent research. Here are three ways to manage stress — for everyone.
Soapy hands in a bath make a heart shape.
By Courtney Lewis Opdahl
We all need a break to recalibrate. How I’m using my timeouts for self-care.
child putting recyclables in a box
By Jon Spayde
It's important to model best practices — and make it fun!
A mother cosleeps with her infant.
By Sheila Mulrooney Eldred
Most people around the world share their beds with an infant. If you choose to do this, James McKenna, PhD, offers some tips to be as safe as possible.
Family enjoying a meal
By Michael Dregni
There are numerous benefits to eating together as a family. Here are some tips to make it happen.
Boy using tablet device
By Michael Dregni
Why Silicon Valley tech execs limit their own children's screen time.
A headshot of Alexandra Sacks along with a cover image of her book
By Courtney Lewis Opdahl
The reproductive psychiatrist who is popularizing the term “matrescence” shares how we can have a more honest conversation about the emotional challenges of motherhood.
mom and kid looking at a baby
By Jon Spayde
The key is advance planning — and letting go of expectations.
By Courtney Lewis Opdahl
Whether it’s end-of-life realities or a new beginning, our managing editor learns the key is support, preparation, and comfort.
a mom and son enjoy active time together
By Andrew Heffernan
Four tips to get your kids moving.
Kids Sports
By Andrew Heffernan
Kids are often sports obsessed or activity averse. Here's how to help your children find movement that's just right for them.
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