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Illustration of man with shadow
By Karen Olson
Clinging to resentment may feel like self-defense, but more often it's a form of self- destruction. Learn how to set yourself free.
Bahram Akradi, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Life Time — Healthy Way of Life.
By Bahram Akradi
We all lead and follow in different aspects of our lives. To make the most of these opportunities, let's do them both with intention.
Assorted building bricks
By Callie Fredrickson
Grab some building blocks and try this fun — and competitive — at-home activity for the whole family.
Father and son folding laundry
By Jon Spayde
For many couples, the majority of domestic tasks tend to fall to one partner. Sharing the labor can build equity — and enhance your relationship.
Mario Rigby
By Heidi Wachter
Mario Rigby shares what he learned from his long-distance treks to inspire others to become more adventurous.
An older woman smiles as she looks at her cellphone.
By Kaelyn Riley
Social distancing is necessary right now, but it doesn’t have to mean complete isolation. Here are some tips to stay connected with those you love.
Nurse speaking with elderly patient
By Quinton Skinner
People who are professional caregivers may experience vicarious trauma. Here's why.
Mom with two kids doing crafts.
By Lindsey Frey Palmquist
Enjoy the extra time together at home with fun ideas, virtual playtime, and learning. Plus, try this sample weekday schedule from the experts at Life Time Kids.
An illustration of a match after it's been lit and blown on, with smoke rising off of it.
By Quinton Skinner
Here are five tips to remember when talking to a loved one who is burned out.
Dallas Hartwig is pictured with his new book, The 4 Season Solution.
By Dallas Hartwig
In his new book, The 4 Season Solution: The Groundbreaking New Plan for Feeling Better, Living Well, and Powering Down Our Always-On Lives, Dallas Hartwig talks about how finding real friends starts with getting to know yourself.
Group of people sitting on floor with legs and feet in a circle.

In our increasingly digital world, the way we connect with others has changed — but the positive effects of a support system have not. Justin Reis, co-creator of Life Time’s AMP cycle format, talks about the communities he’s built, and how we can create more meaningful connections.

Sara Safari walking across rocks
By Heidi Wachter
Human-rights activist and author Sara Safari hopes her unexpected journey from engineer to mountaineer will inspire others to reach for their wildest dreams.
Two people's hands touch on a couch.
By Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC 
According to research, 70 percent of couples report that counseling helped improve their relationship.
Photo album with various black and white pictures of senior couple
By Michael Gelb
Want to build intimacy in your primary relationships? Harness the power of memory.
Illustration of a heart under a heart-shaped microscope.
By Anne Geske
How to get past your need for approval and enjoy the love and happiness already in your grasp.
Mom and daughter exercising together.
By Emily Ewen
Get inspired to show (not just tell) your kids the importance of creating healthy habits.
A little girl drinks juice.
By Michael Dregni
Corporate campaigns targeted kids and helped to create our obesity crisis.
An adult bird flies away from baby birds.
By Jessie Sholl
A record number of Americans are choosing not to have children. Learn why it’s a valid choice, and how you might better relate to it.
Kids Soccer Team
By Chris Ballard
Many children simply don’t have fun playing sports anymore. Here’s a plan to reverse the “adultification” of youth athletics.
By Pilar Gerasimo
When it comes to health and fitness, are you and your sweetheart compatible, combative, or somewhere in between?
Bahram Akradi, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Life Time — Healthy Way of Life.
By Bahram Akradi
A new decade is upon us — and with it, a chance for a fresh perspective.
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