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By Anjula Razdan
Saying ”so long” to a played-out friendship is never easy. Here’s how to do it with grace.
work scene
By Sarah Moran
Master the art of asking for what you want, and you’re a lot more likely to get the things that really matter.
Two women hugging
By Anjula Razdan
“Fight or flight” may be seen as the traditional choice when faced with stress, but your real response may depend on your gender.
The Cares of Caregiving
By Patrick Downes
When your aging parents aren't living as healthfully as you'd like, it can create a stressful situation — for them and you. Here's how to cope.
Play Together, Stay Together
By Alyssa Ford
Having fun with your partner can bring you closer — and keep you closer over time.
erin o'brien and family
By Jen Sinkler
Exercise specialist Erin O'Brien embodies her mission to empower healthy moms and healthy kids.
Kids running around a park
By Jon Spayde
A strong sense of community adds real value to our lives. It not only helps us feel more connected to the world around us, it also makes a measurable difference in our happiness — and our health.
By Julie Hanus
Jealousy is a feeling that few of us welcome. But by noticing the messages that underlie our jealous feelings, we stand to discover a great deal about ourselves – and the unrecognized desires that may be trying to get our attention.
By Alyssa Ford
Feeling hermetically sealed in your own opinions? Opening your mind to other viewpoints can deepen your personal wisdom and broaden your horizons.
a man working on his computer with his young son on his back
By Kelly Grace
Most of us know we work too much and rest too little. We long for balance. But with the pressures and pace of modern life always at our back, how do we step off this crazy merry-go-round? Here, we outline the top three barriers to achieving work-life balance — and offer practical wisdom for overcoming them.
By Karen Olson
Mentor or be mentored. Either way, you gain valuable wisdom and experience – and a meaningful personal connection. The best thing about mentoring? There's something in it for everyone.
By Jodi Helmer
Do your friendships seem stuck in superficial ruts? If you crave deeper, richer connections, it may be time to take a few relationship risks.
By Anjula Razdan
Could your neighborhood be making you fat? Researchers are digging deeper into evidence that suggests where you live may be essential to attaining good health, fitness, and personal well-being.
By Karen Olson
Annoyed or upset by little things? Maybe your emotions are being triggered by past experiences. Learn how to live - and move beyond the patterns that no longer serve you.
By Elizabeth Larsen
Accepting critical feedback from others can be tough. But smart people know how to respond to criticism with grace -- and how to use it to their professional advantage.
By Courtney Helgoe
Imagine if everything went the way you wanted: your workouts, your relationships, your grandest career ambitions. Visioning can bring your life goals into clearer focus – and help you make them a reality.
business lunch
By Elizabeth Kadetsky
Paid attention to your gut feelings lately? Maybe you should. Instinctive thinking is finally getting the respect it deserves.
father and son walking in forest
By Richard Louv
A generation ago, kids learned about the natural world by going out to play. Today, many have virtually no experience with the unadulterated out-of-doors. Is this separation making our kids sick?
Group of happy friends drinking coffee
By Erin Peterson
Many Americans rely on friends, neighbors and coworkers for the support that family members once offered. Even if your own family is close-knit, you may benefit from cultivating a family-like circle of friends.
By Jacquelyn Fletcher
Why are we so rude to our spouses, yet courteous, kind, and patient with complete strangers? Paying attention to good manners and small niceties may be the key to sustaining the vitality of your relationships.
By Helen Cordes
Gym classes a vanishing. Passive entertainments are multiplying. The country has an out-of-control obesity problem. How can we stop the next generation from getting lost in the shuffle.
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