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business lunch
By Elizabeth Kadetsky
Paid attention to your gut feelings lately? Maybe you should. Instinctive thinking is finally getting the respect it deserves.
By Helen Cordes
Gym classes a vanishing. Passive entertainments are multiplying. The country has an out-of-control obesity problem. How can we stop the next generation from getting lost in the shuffle.
By Erin Peterson
Many Americans rely on friends, neighbors and coworkers for the support that family members once offered. Even if your own family is close-knit, you may benefit from cultivating a family-like circle of friends.
By Jacquelyn Fletcher
Why are we so rude to our spouses, yet courteous, kind, and patient with complete strangers? Paying attention to good manners and small niceties may be the key to sustaining the vitality of your relationships.
By Helen Cordes
Neurotic about your body? For your kids' sake, deal with it. The body burdens of parents are easily passed along – and lived out — by their children.
Resolutions 2010
By Joseph Luciani
Don't let fear, doubt and frustration hold you back. Create the satisfying, rewarding life you want by building five key personal-development skills.
By John de Graaf
Our obsession with the trappings of success too often eclipses our essential priorities. Are we passing this affliction on to the next generation?
By Nancy Christie
Multitasking can rob you of the one thing you need most: your life focus.
By Jan Hoistad
Without a clear vision, even a strong love can lose its luster. Here's how to reframe your relationship for a better future.
By Jan Hoistad
Get ready to learn, grow and reach your goals! Partner with your peers to achieve your full potential - and have some fun while you're at it.
By Camilla Fox
You're working like a dog. But how is your work schedule working out for your faithful friend?
By Willard Harley
When it comes to relationships, are you and your partner looking to stay put -or still shopping around?
By Kathleen Zogelman
How to play the right role in your child's eating choices.
By Gary Legwold
There's nothing more satisfying than spending time with the ones you love best. So why is it so hard to pull off?
By Paul Loeb
How can you do your part for your country when work is swallowing you whole?
By Terri Sutton
Is medication the only way to deal with a difficult child? The nurtured heart offers an empowering alternative.
By Heidi Losleben
The social equivalent of soul food, cozy home gatherings and small-group entertainments are drawing us closer - to simple pleasures and to each other.
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