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By Kara Douglass Thom
Even with the motivation the New Year brings, starting a fitness routine still isn't easy -- especially for busy moms. Developing the mental strength to get you moving has to be step number one before fitness can become a lifelong habit.
A mother plays with her child.
By Experience Life Staff
Laurie Lethert Kocanda on overcoming mother guilt.
By Kara Douglass Thom
Ultimately self-motivation is what drives us to accomplish our goals, but the journey is often more enjoyable with a little help from our friends.
Klean Kanteen Baby Bottle
By Jamie Martin
Healthy meal ideas for growing young bodies.
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
In addition to being cute, pets improve our lives.
silhouette of people holding hands
By Experience Life Staff
Untraining the mind, seeing the person and not their label.
The writer's son eats a tomato outside.
By Anjula Razdan
Pictures don't lie.
By Rick Hanson, Ph.D.
The practice of feeling cared about.
fitness fix
By Jamie Martin
Honest views on loving your body, even after baby.
By Courtney Helgoe
For as little as these locations have in common, they share one delightful trait: Their residents rate among the happiest in the world. Find out what they know, and what they can teach the rest of us, about living well.
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
Lisa Arie shares the instinctive wisdom that brought her to a more centered place.
parent with toddlers on computer
By Jon Spayde
If job-related thoughts dominate most of your waking hours and energy, it may be time to rearrange your priorities and give the other aspects of your life some room to grow.
A baby blanket and exercise equipment are pictured on the floor.
By Jamie Martin
Jamie Martin on scheduling in exercise after having a baby.
courtney opdahl and her grandma
By Courtney Lewis Opdahl
My grandmother has passed away, but she taught me so much about a life well lived — and finding peace in the end.
By Kara Douglass Thom
These basic exercises will help get your post-pregnancy body back to its pre-pregnancy strength.
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
By remaining true to their optimistic natures, Bert Jacobs and his brother parlayed three little words into a multimillion-dollar, do-gooder business.
Dec10 On the cover
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
Blake Mycoskie is helping children in need around the world - one pair of TOMS Shoes at a time.
illustration bottled emotions
By Jon Spayde
Suppressing intense feelings can carry a heavy emotional toll. When letting it all out just isn’t a good option, here’s a healthier way to cope.
Group of people with bikes
By Courtney Helgoe
You’ve heard by now that you can “catch” obesity from your friends, family — even distant acquaintances. But you may have missed the flip side of that story: Good health and fitness are catching, too.
sep10 experience life
By the Experience Life Team
From her childhood scribbles to her critically acclaimed music, Pieta Brown has always been intent on making art that matters - and connections that count.
group of people building home
By Wanda Urbanska
As we abandon group activities in an attempt to regain time and productivity, we may be risking the loss of a powerful support system - one that’s critical to both our health and happiness.
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