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Stay Energized
By Kristin Conn
Feel like you're moving at marathon pace during the day? Here are 10 easy and natural ways to stay energized throughout the day.
doctor giving girl shot
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
A while back I had to have an IV put in but the nurse couldn’t find a vein. She started in the crook of my arm. When that failed she moved to my hand. When that failed she called in…
By Experience Life Staff
A new study show that physical exercise increases memory.
By Experience Life Staff
New research shows that cigarette smoke can cause genetic damage within minutes.
By Pilar Gerasimo
Even small doses of pleasure can raise our levels of immune-boosting chemicals.
By Courtney Helgoe
For as little as these locations have in common, they share one delightful trait: Their residents rate among the happiest in the world. Find out what they know, and what they can teach the rest of us, about living well.
By Frank Lipman, MD
Dr. Frank Lipman on how healthy habits nurture healthy genes.
By Mark Hyman, MD
Your doctors think they make decisions based on medical evidence.
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
Over the past few days, temperatures in Minneapolis have been near 100 degrees with high humidity. It’s the first real heat wave of the season and it got me thinking about how the seasons and weather affect mood. Winter-onset seasonal…
Pick Yourself Up
By Alyssa Ford
The weight of daily responsibilities and the burdens of chronic stress have produced an epidemic of adrenal fatigue. Find out if this energy-zapping condition is dragging you down, and how to treat it naturally.
Distracted Adult
By Jessie Sholl
ADD is not just a childhood condition. Millions of adult Americans suffer from it, mostly undiagnosed. Here’s how to recognize its symptoms — and keep it from running your life.
By Pilar Gerasimo
Until we better master the art of cultivating renewable, sustainable health and vitality for ourselves, we’ll have a hard time respecting the principles on which all sustainable energy production depends.
Path Out Of Depression
By Experience Life Staff
There's a reason that most so-called primitive cultures have avoided the depression epidemic afflicting industrialized nations. In a provocative book, a clinical psychologist suggests that adopting more hunter-gatherer habits can help us escape the blues.
By Tatyana McNamara
Gregory Plotnikoff, MD, weighs in on the Institute of Medicine's vitamin D recommendations.
Spoonfuls of sugar
By Catherine Guthrie
The average American now consumes some 22 teaspoons of sugar a day. And our sweet tooth isn’t just making us fat - it’s triggering all kinds of inflammation, fueling chronic diseases and even increasing our risks of cancer.
By Tatyana McNamara
A recent study shows weight bias in the workplace.
headshot of kris carr
By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC
A frightening cancer diagnosis changed Kris Carr’s life forever - in many ways, for the better.
Clean Getaway
By Kelle Walsh
A refreshing departure from vacation over-indulgences, a detox retreat leaves your mind clear, your body restored, your daily habits reconsidered. Here's how to find the right one for you.
Drug Problems
By Pamela Weintraub
Could the medications we take to regulate cholesterol, blood pressure, and stomach acid be doing us more harm than good?
a group of people do yoga on a deck
By Pilar Gerasimo
You want to be healthy? Well, hey, that’s wonderful! This article is designed to help you succeed.
exercise gets easier
By Gina DeMillo Wagner
Wanna know a little secret about exercise? It gets easier, more fun and more rewarding as you go!
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