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Path Out Of Depression
By Experience Life Staff
There's a reason that most so-called primitive cultures have avoided the depression epidemic afflicting industrialized nations. In a provocative book, a clinical psychologist suggests that adopting more hunter-gatherer habits can help us escape the blues.
brain illustration
By Jon Spayde
Your brain changes over the course of your lifetime — for better or for worse. Here’s how to make the most of your gray matter.
Man cutting food
By Mark Hyman, MD
What you feed your body, you also feed your brain — sometimes to its detriment. Learn how to nourish your gray matter for more balanced moods, clearer thinking and a more fulfilling life.
Body Mind
By Mark Hyman, MD
Discover the truth about how your mind affects your body, how your body affects your brain, and what you can do to keep the whole brilliant system working to your advantage.
doctor and client
By Experience Life Staff
When the source of your pain escapes you — and your doctor — it could be psychogenic.
By Sandra Kettle
Fitness is more than just losing weight and toning up — it's a whole-body pursuit, one that includes tending to the health of one of your most important organs: the brain.
By Jack Challem
Yes, your eating habits play a big role in determining your disease risks. But did you know that they also have a huge effect on your state of mind?
By Hope Hamashige
Mental exercises might not target your muscles, but they can produce dramatic gains in your sports performance.
By Courtney Helgoe
Looking for a way out of depression? Antidepressant drugs are not your only option. And the relief offered by natural alternatives just might surprise you.
By Linda Knittel
Do you look to sugar and caffeine for a lift? Need 'em to get through the day? Here's why these well-known stimulants may be more than your system can handle.
By Michael Gerrish
Are your efforts to get in shape being distracted by Attention Deficit Disorder?
By Pilar Gerasimo
EFT — or Emotional Freedom Technique — is a technique for getting over cravings, phobias, pain, and more.
By Dave Wondra
Too often, our intimate relationship with the natural world fades with childhood. But somewhere, in each of us, an essential craving remains.
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