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TBI Expert Interviews
By Michael Dregni
Three experts weigh in on how to treat concussions and other head injuries.
Alzheimer's Notes
By Michael Dregni
Writer Greg O’Brien fights his early-onset dementia by chronicling the effects of the disease in the stunning memoir On Pluto.
Exercise for the Brain
By Michael Dregni
A new study has identified the most beneficial workouts for your neurological health.
Teens and Antidepressants
By Kaelyn Riley
A new study suggests that most commonly prescribed drugs may not be the answer for adolescents suffering with major depression.
Poor Fitness Now = Smaller Brain Later
By Kaelyn Riley
Recent research has linked mediocre fitness in midlife with smaller brain size down the road.
Alzheimer's Treatments
By Jill Metzler Patton
New perspectives in Alzheimer’s disease research from experts at the 2016 Association of Health Care Journalism conference.
Social Media and Depression
By Craig Cox
New study suggests heavy users are nearly three times more likely to be depressed.
child drawing sad face in snow.
By Heidi Wachter
An Auburn University study leaves the idea of SAD out in the cold.
Snacking and Cognitive Function
By Craig Cox
UCLA study suggests late-night meals could lead to cognitive disorders.
By Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC 
A new study suggests that chronic inflammation can lead to depression.
Seeing Red
By Alexandra Smith, MA, LPCC 
Emerging research has shown that there are many science-based reasons to keep your cool.
Burdens of the-Past
By Jon Spayde
Painful events from childhood can linger, creating stress and anxiety today. Here’s how you can take empowered steps toward healing.
Person's hand holding a pencil playing sudoku
By Heather Rogers
Staving off memory loss requires more than just exercising your gray matter.
Lentil and veggie soup
By Rebecca Katz
Enhance your brain function with four recipes designed to invigorate mood, memory, and cognition.
By Heidi Wachter
Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is as effective as pharmaceuticals at preventing depression relapses, according to a 2015 study published in The Lancet.
By Experience Life Staff
How one man put his life back together with the help of an obscure Nordic game.
By Experience Life Staff
The behavior-change expert shares insights from her research at our cover shoot.
nature and brain health
By Craig Cox
New research suggests that getting out into nature can help city dwellers — and others — improve their moods.
By Craig Cox
New research offers the first glimpse at the effects of regular physical activity on a nonagenarian’s brain.
Healthy-Gut 2
By David Perlmutter, MD
A neurologist explains the power of your microbiome to heal and protect your brain.
By Craig Cox
A new study suggests a variation on the Mediterranean diet may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.
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