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An illustration of a person on a computer and a checklist of to-dos.
By Michael Dregni
The benefits of physical activity are more than muscle-deep. Moving your body builds and conditions your gray matter, making you smarter, happier, and more resilient.
By Pamela Weintraub
New research offers promising treatments for these extreme headaches.
By Craig Cox
Will simple absent-mindedness soon be classified as pre-Alzheimer’s?
By Max Lugavere
In his new book, Genius Foods, Max Lugavere talks about which foods to embrace — and avoid — for optimal brain health.
Short Term Memory and Smartphone
By Jon Spayde
The research around smartphones and memory is complicated, but many studies have shown that writing things down improves comprehension.
It's Not All in Your Head
By Quinton Skinner
Depression is not all in your head. Here are nonpharmaceutical, lifestyle-based ways to treat depression from the ground up.
By Craig Cox
Recent research links negative perceptions of aging to dementia, but that’s not the only reason to stay upbeat as you grow old.
Through the Fire
By Emily Esfahani Smith
In the face of hardship, some people manage to find deeper meaning and purpose. Discover the factors of post-traumatic growth.
By Craig Cox
New research suggests that harmonizing our aging brain waves may help us store new memories for the long-term, but it’s a notion that becomes less useful the older we get.
By Terena Bell
Here are some decorating tips that might make ADHD easier to manage.
By Pamela Weintraub
Here are nine ways to use nutrition to help children with ADHD and ADD.  
By Craig Cox
New research suggests that a declining sense of smell, taste, touch, vision, or hearing may lead to an early grave. I’d suggest it’s simply a natural consequence of growing old.
Portrait of relaxed young man with bluetooth headphones in forest
By Sandra Kettle
Fitness is more than just losing weight and toning up — it's a whole-body pursuit, one that includes tending to the health of one of your most important organs: the brain.
What to Do if You Hit Your Head
By Michael Dregni
If you or a loved one suffer a blow to the head, follow this advice from a functional neurologist (and former stuntman).
seeing stars
By Michael Dregni
As doctors learn more about their consequences, people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries are finding renewed hope.
Kettlebell get up prep
By Nicole Radziszewski
Get stronger and smarter with this functional routine that improves balance, coordination, power, and mental acuity.
Lift and Learn
By Craig Cox
I may have to adjust my opinion of bodybuilders after new research suggests resistance training strengthens the aging brain.
By Michael Dregni
We talk to forensic pathologist Bennet Omalu, MD, about the brain disease he discovered.
By Craig Cox
Nearly half of the senior set isn’t getting enough sleep, but efforts to address the problem seem to be more entertaining than effective.
Gut Instincts
By Craig Cox
New research suggests we can live longer by altering conditions in our microbiome, but who wants to spend a few extra years fixating on their bowels?
By Michael Dregni
Can probiotics and prebiotics improve our mental well-being?
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