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hip joint on woman running
By Craig Cox
Apparently so — the older the better for joint replacement, according to recent research.
Map of United States
By Craig Cox
Many factors affect our access to healthcare, but new research suggests that where we choose to live may actually enhance — or limit — our lifespan.
Many paper people around a stethoscope
By Craig Cox
Elderly Americans who volunteer for drug trials seldom make the cut. That makes it more difficult for researchers to know just how their new product will work for folks who often need it the most.
Couple Working Out
By Catherine Guthrie
Regular exercise also gives you a healthy, glowing look and an unmistakable va-va-voom that you just can’t get any other way.
A statin pill and packet
By Craig Cox
Recent research suggests cholesterol-reducing drugs may be safer than once thought and offer cancer- and COVID-fighting benefits. So, why do I remain unconvinced?
A sad woman looks out the window.
By Craig Cox
While COVID-19 has exacted a huge toll on those coping with a chronic disease, few have suffered more than older adults struggling with dementia.
A needle plunging into a vial
By Craig Cox
As we wait impatiently for a COVID-19 vaccine to free us from the current pandemic, a recent survey indicates surprising skepticism, and healthcare experts suggest we temper our expectations.
By Alyssa Ford
We’re all going to face end-of-life decisions eventually. Why not start talking about them now?
A disembodied hand shows a blue surgical mask.
By Craig Cox
While pandemic-weary Americans are stretching the boundaries that once contained their activities, I find myself wondering about my own tolerance for risk.
Two cups on an outdoor table
By Craig Cox
Six months into the current pandemic, I realize I’ve begun to forget the lessons it’s been trying to teach me.
A Black man has a telehealth appointment from his kitchen.
By Craig Cox
The current pandemic has sparked a boom in telemedicine, but a new study notes the many reasons why it’s not a viable option for many seniors.
A child takes a ride on his grandfather's back out in the country.
By Craig Cox
Some evidence suggests that young people are carrying the virus into their multigenerational households, triggering the pandemic’s recent surge. Does that mean we should cancel visits from our grandson?
plant growing in center of old tree trunk
By Craig Cox
A pair of new studies suggests that my geezer compatriots — those of us who are still alive, anyway — are actually coping with the pandemic a lot better than you might expect.
An RSVP card for a party
By Craig Cox
Our daughter is planning a big wedding this fall, despite the surging pandemic. This is forcing her geezer parents to make some heartbreaking decisions.
A person uses a walker.
By Craig Cox
My neighbor’s long-sought surgery tempers my desire to see COVID-19 remodel the American healthcare system.
Two chairs in a bleak office space
By Craig Cox
Unlike residents of government-regulated nursing homes and assisted-living facilities, seniors in public housing have had to deal with COVID-19 on their own. It’s not going well.
Several chairs in a waiting room are pictured.
By Craig Cox
The recent shuttering of the clinic we’ve relied upon for years reminds me of the many ways the pandemic has hindered access to healthcare across the country.
Two cups of coffee on a table are pictured.
By Craig Cox
A long-delayed visit with a septuagenarian friend reminds me how pandemic-induced isolation can threaten our well-being nearly as much as the virus itself.
A few masks sit alongside a pump bottle of soap.
By Craig Cox
Recent research suggests that guys my age and older need to ramp up our anxiety about the pandemic even though we’ve long been told that a carefree approach to life is what keeps us healthy.
Many vials of medicine are pictured.
By Craig Cox
You’d think geezers like me could rest a lot easier once a COVID-19 vaccine comes down the pike, but experts suggest it may not work much better than the annual flu shot.
A messy kid's playroom with a teddy bear on the floor
By Craig Cox
With our grandson suddenly testing boundaries — and challenging our rusty child-rearing skills — we find ourselves hearkening back to some time-tested wisdom.
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