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dan buettner
By Eliza Thomas
Extreme adventurer and educator Dan Buettner has broken world records, cycled the globe and sought answers to some of humankind's greatest mysteries. Now he sets his sights on a new frontier: unearthing the secrets of healthy longevity.
By Erin Strout
Forget splashing around in fountains of youth. If what you want is a lifetime of health, fitness and vitality, You're better off swimming laps.
By Anjula Razdan
A generation of convention busters and iconoclasts, baby boomers are reshaping expectations when it comes to their personal health and fitness, too.
cindy joseph
By Joel Hoekstra
Sometimes, the best is yet to be. That's what baby boomer and 54-year-old fashion model Cindy Joseph has discovered as she's grown older and wiser.
By Gary Legwold
Most of us take our eyesight for granted. But without proper care, nutrition, and protection, our eyes are vulnerable to damage and degeneration. Find out what you can do to keep your vision crisp, even as you age.
By Catherine Guthrie
Some aging factors are beyond our control, but one of the biggest — inflammation — needn't be. Here's how you can extinguish the flames of chronic inflammation before they ignite.
cindy joseph
By Tatyana McNamara
The world 'old' has been given a bad rap, explains Cindy Joseph. Life has been mistakenly described as a downhill process, when, in fact, it's an ever-continuing expansion.
By Cat Thompson
What might happen if we relinquished our quest for youthful appearance in favor of living more youthfully?
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