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cilantro coconut chutney and veggies

Cilantro-Coconut Chutney

By Robin Asbell
The coconut milk in this chutney lends it a rich creaminess, and the ginger and jalapeño give it some punch.
curried red lentils, veggies and crackers

Curried Red-Lentil Dip

By Robin Asbell
This dip is an homage to dal, a ubiquitous dish in Indian cuisine. The recipe calls for the lentils to be cooked like rice, which keeps them from falling apart and gives the final dish some texture.
dark chocolate yogurt dip and fruit

Dark Chocolate Yogurt Dip

By Robin Asbell
Sliced fruit is the perfect accompaniment to this chocolaty yogurt dip.
a sports bottle poolside

How to Make Your Own Sports Drink

By Sarah Tuff
Avoid unhealthy additives by making your own sports drink. Add some trace-mineral drops for an extra boost.
muhammara dip and veggies


By Robin Asbell
If you can't find pomegranate molasses for this traditional Syrian dip, you can simply buy pomegranate juice and reduce it!
kale and chevre dip and veggies

Kale and Chèvre Dip

By Robin Asbell
This pesto-flavored goat cheese dip is great with raw veggies.
bold, black breakfast tea

Bold Black Breakfast Tea

By Robert Hanson
Full-bodied black teas from India and China can make a great swap for a morning cup of coffee.
a tall glass of iced tea with a wedge of lemon

Afternoon Darjeeling Iced Tea

By Robert Hanson
Darjeeling tea is sold in two main varieties: first flush and second flush. For iced tea, the more assertive notes of second- flush teas are ideal.
a tall glass mug of spiced tea

Kashmiri-Style Tea With Saffron and Almonds

By Robert Hanson
This tea brings together the flavors of spiced tea with the freshness of a green tea.
a glass mug of dragon well tea

Dragon Well Chinese Green Tea

By Robert Hanson
Longjing (or Dragon Well) is one of the most famous Chinese green teas. Here's how to brew a perfect cup.
a glass mug of chai

Chai Tea With Toasted Spices

By Robert Hanson
This take on Indian masala chai uses almond milk, but feel free to use any milk you'd like.
a man performs a crossover

The Racquet-Sport Workout (Video)

By Experience Life Staff
An off-court routine to improve your range of motion, joint stability, and overall racquet-sport performance.
Jason Mraz on Experience Life magazine

Behind the Scenes With Jason Mraz (Video)

By Experience Life Staff
Go behind the scenes at our cover shoot with musician Jason Mraz as he talks about nurturing connections between the earth, food, and good health on his organic farm.
Michelle Tam's pipian pork

Instant Pot Pipián Pork

By Michelle Tam
This fork-tender pork in green mole sauce can be made in a slow cooker as well.
a bowl of Michelle Tam's green mole

Pipián Verde (Green Mole Sauce)

By Michelle Tam
This bright-green mole sauce includes pepitas, tomatillos, spinach, cilantro, and chili peppers.
tangy cashew cream

Tangy Cashew Cream

By Michelle Tam
Fresh lemon juice and garlic lend the zing to this vegan sour-cream alternative.
a mug of matcha

How to Make Matcha at Home

By Robert Hanson
This green tea packs an energizing caffeine punch and lots of antioxidants. Here’s how to make it at home.
3 types of teas

3 Tea Drinks for Coffee Lovers

By Robert Hanson
Trying to cut back on coffee? Swap your morning cup for one of these strong, full-bodied beverages.
Cauliflower rice

Cauliflower Rice

By Michelle Tam
Blitz some cauliflower in a food processor, cook with avocado oil in a skillet for five to 10 minutes, season with salt, and you're done.
Michelle Tams' green soup

Instant Pot Green Soup

By Michelle Tam
Packed with green veggies like spinach, broccoli, zucchini, and scallions, this nutritious soup is topped with a tangy vegan cashew cream.
a pot of shrimp in green sauce

Shrimp Simmered in Green Mole

By Michelle Tam
Make the green mole ahead of time and this dish comes together in minutes.
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