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Isn’t it cool when your world view is validated?

I’m not a guy who’s obsessed with calories and weight loss, but a new study I stumbled upon the other day suggested that you don’t have to spend hours in the gym to burn off a bunch of calories each day. Researchers at Colorado State University found that you can burn as many 200 extra calories a day with as little as 2.5 minutes of intense exercise.

My morning kettlebell and body-weight routine — during which I can work up a pretty good lather — typically lasts around 15 minutes, so I figure I’m doing OK. The key, according to this research, is to push yourself really hard for those few minutes, using a technique known as interval training. The way it works in a normal setting is to get onto a stationary bike and pedal like mad for 30 seconds, take it easy for a minute or two, and then repeat a few times.

I’ve done this on the bikes at the gym, and I can testify that it pretty much kills you, but at home on a weekday morning before breakfast, I don’t have a stationary bike. So my approach is to crank through my routine — pushups and kettlebell moves — without taking any breaks between exercises. It can be brutal, but brutal is OK — even if you’re not counting calories.

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