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Yesterday, my sister-in-law Kelsey posted a meme on Facebook of a young Justin Timberlake with the words, “It’s gonna be May.” Anyone in my generation will immediately connect it to the N’Sync song “It’s Gonna Be Me” (not to mention the delightful video of the guys as puppets). It’s not the first time this meme has surfaced, but it’s the first time I saw it.

And I laughed and I laughed.

It probably only deserved a hearty chuckle, but it’s been raining and gloomy all week, so I think I’m going a wee bit mad. The meme went viral yesterday (even President Obama Tweeted about it), and I think for good reason: After the Great Polar Vortex of 2013–14, we could all use some sunny, warm weather. The month of May has never been more welcome. In all the years of my life that I’ve lived in Minnesota, I can’t remember being more excited for summer. We earned it this year!

couple in whistler
This month, Kyle and I had a chance to escape and took a spring break of sorts: Mid-April we vacationed in Whistler, Canada, as part of his work trip. We flew into Vancouver, a very cool-looking town that we’d love to return to and explore, and took a bus trip some three hours north to Whistler. I did my best to stay awake so I could take in the beautiful scenery, the towering trees, the bluest of blue skies. It was our first time to Canada and immediately I knew it wouldn’t be our last.

Although we weren’t retreating to sandy beaches, our spring break was still wonderful — and needed. We went for a hike in the woods, got massages in the spa, worked out in the hotel gym (a full dumbbell set, hooray!), enjoyed great food, and explored Whistler Village. There was even a ski festival happening (we’re spectators not skiers) that included snowboarder stunts (gnarly!) and a free concert by De La Soul.

The snow was mostly in the mountains, and spring was afoot with temps ranging from 45 to 60 (Saturday was borderline hot in the sun), and when I spotted these potted tulips, I knew I was shaking off the funk of winter. (Check out our Canadian friend Sara Bown’s post today on lacing up her sneakers and getting back outside to exercise over at the How I’m Doing It blog.)

A vacation by plane isn’t always feasible, but a vacation mindset can be. My friends took a “staycation” this month, spending quality time reconnecting and enjoying simple pleasures, like a leisurely brunch without the pressure to hurry up so we can run errands and get the chores done. My dad, who is now retired, will hop in the car and take long drives to the cabin or different parts of town.

And my mom, a nurse, is a true pro at powering down and enjoying her weekend, even her nights. She has a DVR now, but still likes to reserve quiet time to enjoy her favorite television program. On the weekends, she’s busy in the yard, weeding and digging and moving shrubs and dirt. And she makes her transition back to work on Sunday less painless by prepping her lunch and changing into her “comfy clothes” early, so that she can get enough sleep. Yes, the weekend may still fly by, but she does her best to make the most of it.

Part of the vacation mindset, it seems, includes quiet, novelty, and exploration. Turning over a new pile of dirt, seeing a new part of town, taking time to sit with love ones and simply enjoy nature. We were reminded of the value of that state of mind in Whistler, and we’re bringing it back home as we get ready to enjoy the next great season.

After all, it’s gonna be May.

The view from our hotel room at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler.





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