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The other day I finished joyfully reading Chuck Klosterman’s hilarious, Killing Yourself to Live and was in need of a new book. Since I know my Experience Life teammates do a fair amount of reading for business and pleasure, I knew I could count on them for some compelling suggestions.

Here’s a few of their recommendations:

Managing Editor, Craig Cox just finished reading: 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created. Why did he love Charles C. Mann’s human history? Craig exclaimed (and he’s not much of an exclaimer normally) “Because it explains everything about everything!” I, for one, plan on picking up this historical analysis of “The Columbian Exchange” soon.

Senior Editor, Anjula Razdan recommended Chang-Rae Lee’s novel, Aloftabout life in the Long Island suburbs because it’s “a modern day Ulysses, but much more fun.” How can a story set in a place that looks no fun, be fun? I’ll have to find out by reading the book!

Associate Editor, Jocelyn Stone is reading Brené Brown’s, The Art of Imperfection: Simple Ways to Make Peace with Yourself, for the second time around. When I asked her what makes it so great she said, “It’s like somebody gets me without even knowing me.” The book seems to be every bit as good as Brown’s engaging and enlightening TED Talk on the topic.

Manager of Digital Initiatives, Jamie Martin is currently reading Kelle Hampton’s memoir, Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected, about how her perspectives changed when her daughter, Nella, was born with Down Syndrome. She likes it because it’s “honestly written, beautifully photographed and it’s a mother’s story, which I really relate to right now.”

Intern, Casie Lukes found Barry Estabrook’s exposé, Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit, on the history of tomatoes fascinating. The book uses tomatoes as a metaphor for explaining all that’s wrong with the modern agriculture system. I agree with Casie when she stated: “You’ll never look at a grocery store tomato the same way again once you’ve read this book.”

What book(s) have you read lately that inspired, informed or captivated you?

Thoughts to share?

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