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Mark Hyman and Katie Couric

Did you catch frequent Experience Life source Mark Hyman, MD, on the Katie show today? Dr. Hyman is the medical contributor on Katie Couric’s show, and in the segment below, he explains what gluten is, how it affects the body, and shares his thoughts on the new products boasting gluten-free claims (spoiler: processed foods like cookies and cakes that are gluten-free are still processed, often with other curious ingredients, and still cookies and cakes).

I learned I had gluten sensitivity three years ago after completing Dr. Hyman’s UltraSimple Diet (find the excerpt and program here). Once I cut it (and dairy, another sensitivity, along with sugar and processed foods), the weight started coming off, I had tremendous energy, and curiously, I was in a better mood. (As Hyman notes, gluten sensitivity is linked to depression. Read more about gluten in our 2010 article at

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with adding gluten and dairy back in my diet, and have felt generally cruddy. Mood swings aside — I was working through my grief last month — my energy has been low, my sleep wonky, and I’ve been struggling with breakouts.

If I were a doctor, I’d self-diagnose these symptoms as trademark overall raised inflammation in the body (take one spoonful chia seeds, a bunch of kale, and some healthy fats and call me in the morning). Since I’m not a doctor, I took Hyman’s quiz and agreed with three of the eight questions. I’ll skip the pricey medical tests and dermatologist appointments (for now) and return to clean eating as a first step. More on how I’m doing that — and how I’ll make it work during the holiday season — in the next posts.

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