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Need To Know Triathlon

If you’re looking for a way to infuse your exercise routine with a deeper sense of dedication, participating in the invigorating sport of triathlon presents you with a tremendously gratifying opportunity to do so. Part of the Collins: Need to Know series (a set of lovely British how-to books from which you can learn to do just about anything), this book by award-winning UK triathlon coach Joe Beer shows us how to turn our triathlon dreams into reality. He covers the training process in simple, but thorough, detail: developing the right mindset, finding training partners, setting achievable goals, finding equipment, completing the paperwork for an event. Specific “skill schools” for each sport (swim, bike, run) teach the key performance and injury-avoidance strategies — like how to make sure your bike fits properly and how to avoid destroying your knees when running. Triathlon is a rigorous athletic pursuit, but it’s supposed to be fun, too. So Beer suggests a realistic attitude that can save the day when the training gets tough. He encourages readers to focus their attention on the satisfaction that comes with simply completing the race. An excellent introduction to a life-enhancing sport. 

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