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In Hot (Sweaty) Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom, Secret #4 is “People Can Sabotage Your Fitness Faster Than a Cookie Binge.” Truly, the effort to get and stay fit can be a struggle if the people you’re close to peck away at your priority to be healthy (all it takes is an eye roll when you announce you’re headed to the gym or a co-worker who brings a box of donuts to your meeting). But the opposite of that is true, as well. With the right support, living a fit life becomes second nature.

Finding people to workout with you can set you up for success. What should you look for in a workout partner?

Here are three traits I believe make sharing the sweat a success:

1. Sense of Humor. Almost always a workout among friends will result in laughter at some point. And laughter is as good for us as exercise. There’s nothing like finishing a workout with a smile on your face.

2. Similar Schedules. No doubt about it, workouts with friends hold you accountable. With kids and their schedules, coordinating with a friend to workout can be difficult, but possible with kids of similar ages and stages, or when you have similar work hours.

3. Enabling. Enabling someone usually gets a bad rap but it shouldn’t when it comes to finding time to exercise. If the set workout schedule fails you, an enabling training partner will still help find a way to make a workout happen and encourage you to do it with or without them.

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