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The UltraMind Solution by Mark Hyman

Depression and anxiety have become shockingly common: 26 percent of surveyed U.S. adults report having symptoms of a mood disorder, and antidepressants are the single most prescribed drug. According to  Mark Hyman, MD, antidepressants have it half right — our neurochemicals do go out of balance, causing all kinds of trouble (he calls this “broken brain” syndrome) — but treating the conditions behind these imbalances creates far better results than tinkering with symptoms using powerful drugs. The motto for his UltraMind program is simple: Heal the body; the brain will follow. Hyman prescribes dietary adjustments that eliminate irritants and add key nutrients to support better brain health. The book has a set of quizzes to help you identify imbalances, an elimination diet to help determine problem foods, and an extensive profile of nutrients and amino acids that  support better brain function. This is a terrific resource for anyone looking to increase his or her energy and mood, or to stave off brain fog, scattered thinking and memory loss. Also an important book for anyone wanting to better understand the links between physical and mental health.

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